Top 10 Battery Spot Welders of 2024 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

The principle of spot welding is to employ heat to connect the metal surfaces. The heat is generated from metal resistance to the electric current supplied. 

In a situation where batteries are involved any random spot welder can do havoc with high heat involvement leading to unprecedented accidents.

It is better we should buy the best battery spot welder to avoid mishappenings. We may need to join several batteries together with every possible safety as in AA batteries, battery packs, and mobile batteries. 

Our aim is to find a secure battery spot welder to accomplish our projects and avoid any inadvertent injury risks.

It is time to review and examine the 10 best battery spot welders of 2022 for reaching our destination to locate our best battery spot welder. In the following space, we will be discussing the distinctive features of 10 battery spot welders & FAQs.

1. Cruxweld Battery Spot Welder

A professional product with a very safe design suitable for individual and industrial needs. Unlike any other toy-grade product it offers a very strong and reliable weld.

battery tab spot welder

 It is designed to make it safe for the battery, surroundings, welder, and the environment.

The powerful DC supply makes it quick to weld without any discoloration, and sparks. It has high precision, high-speed microprocessor control with a digital display, and double pulse welding for an accurate, strong weld.

The pulse energy, adjustable electrode force, and little effect of heat make the welding aesthetically clean and strong.

The technical specification includes a welding thickness of 0.02- 0.3mm, a maximum output current of 3500A, a working voltage of 230V, and an electrode travel length of 15mm in this best spot welder for 18650b batteries

The machine is very compact and weighs only 52 kg with a dimension of 300× 600× 550 mm. It is pneumatically driven with 0.3-0.8 MPa input air pressure. The weldable material includes pure Nickel, Nickel alloy, and Lithium-ion battery.

The utilities may be in industries, DIY, and individual like in Battery tab welding, Battery pack welding 18650, Cylindrical Li-battery 18650 26650, 32650 for EV applications, E-bike battery welding, mobile power bank manufacturing.

18650 Lithium Battery Pack with Battery Spot Welder

2. Pulse Battery Spot WelderMophorn 737G

It is becoming very popular in recent times because of its versatility. The range of welding here is 0.01mm to 0.15 and is lower than available in the market. This is less powerful and compact, portable, handy, and sleek in design making it versatile.


The welder can generate a very high accuracy in welding despite a lower thickness range. The output current is 50A-800A and the machine has a foot pedal to operate upon. 

The LCD panel will be showing current and pulsing while working with it which can be set very easily and quickly. The equipment is compatible with various battery packs, batteries, polymers boards, button batteries, stainless steel mesh & hardware, and Apple phone cameras, etc.

The mophorn model is available with a radiator, and cooling fan to help it cool during the process of welding.

3. Sunkko – Best for 18650 Batteries

It is a heavy-duty rechargeable spot welder to consider for your needs. The welding thickness is between 0.05 mm – 0.2 mm. The batteries which are most prevalent like  14500 and 18650 are the real suitable for this cheap battery spot welder.

It can handle a big range of welding tasks and does not mention the current output range. This battery spot welder along with welding can be employed for battery charging and testing as well as making the first-class workstation

The foot pedal or push-up head is used for welding. The circuit breaker 40A-60A of 10 pounds to avoid tripping out is available. This is supplied with two pairs of welding rods, charging cables, a wrench, nickel strips, etc.

4. Hand-Operated Yaeccc 737G Battery Spot Welder

This mini spot welder is pocket friendly and has decent welding performance. It offers us proper value for the price we paid. The thickness range is between 0.05 mm to 0.20 mm and can switch with a microcontroller to make our result more precise and efficient for the necessary power level.

The current output of 50A- 800A is there with this battery spot welder for high-quality welds. The maximum power is 1.5 KW  with the output current of its welding performance. In this way, we can have a productive cycle of 20 pulses in less than a minute.

5. Another Pulse Spot WelderLFJD 737G

When we are choosing the best battery spot welder, the one from LFJD is quite economical, but its performance is still commendable. This may be a cheap battery spot welder but its performance is matching with any brand.

Here thickness range for the battery spot welder extends from 0.05 mm – 0.2 mm welding thickness. Here the cycle rate is 20 pulses per minute, thus can quickly make a good number of welds before the fresh cycle is commenced.

The weight of the equipment is only 4.3 kg and has 110 voltage levels and 50A – 800A and so can run without any extra adaptor. It is a new company with good sales and service support.

6. Sunkko 709A Battery Spot Welder

This battery spot welder has better performance metrics, and extra functions, It has a slightly higher cost due to its multifaceted, and customizable spot welder. It is laden with plenty of control choices.

The thickness range of welding varies from 0.05 mm to 0.20 mm. It has a high range of temperatures of 150 -450 degrees thus allowing for a broad range of batteries. 

This is an excellent choice for the industries due to its current output in the range of 50A-800A. These rechargeable battery spot welders have three modes: a foot pedal push-up head, and a mobile welding pen to make them universally adaptable.

7. Mophorn 709AD Pulse Spot Welder

The next Mophorn best battery spot welder for 18650 batteries is the 709AD pulse spot welder. It is associated with LED light and has a fixed tip for fixed welding accurately. 

This can join 1, 3, and 6-row batteries with fine precision at a faster pace.

It is available with 2 in 1 welding pen to avoid flashover welding and make it a single-handed operation. 

The pulsed quality makes it fluent and makes it the best spot welder for 18650b batteries. It is available with complete accessories and at a very competitive price.

8. Dzhot51 High Power Battery Spot Welder

Dzhot 51 is the best mini spot welder for a 18650 battery. It is a handy, lightweight, and compact device for 18650 lithium battery assembly procedures. 

A 12V battery circuit is available for the spot to store lithium-ion batteries, nickel-chromium batteries, and nickel sheet welding.

The range of welding ranges from 0.1mm to 0.15 mm. The output current in the device is 300A with a voltage level of 3.7v to 4.2v.

Dzhot is a cheap battery spot welder at an incredibly low price.

9. Lenco Autobody Dual Spot Welder

The best spot welder for professionals to generate the best results in workshops and garages. The operation of this battery spot welder is easy as we turn on the button on the electrode gun to initiate. 

The welding happens at a voltage level of 208/230v with the highest capacity to weld up to 20 gauge.

It gives the best quality weld with fine finishing. It has clamps and jigs to make the operation easy in difficult areas. 

The machine has a solid-state timer, and control panel, and portable equipment with a storage facility. It is slightly expensive but that really works for its features and functions.

10. SQ‑SW1 Spot Welder

SQ-SW1 is a medium-budget portable, compact, and lightweight portable spot welder. The input voltage of this welder is 10 – 14V, with pulsed features of the battery spot welder.

It is a widely used battery spot welder for electronics products, ship models, model airplanes, electric vehicles, and power tools. 

This battery spot welder is easy to operate, easy to store and carry, and with OLED display. It has advanced technology, intelligent switching, and with a strong outer body.

Factors to consider for finding the best battery spot welders

The different electrical circuits need soldering and welding. We need a thoughtful battery tab welder review to conclude purchasing the best battery spot welder for our needs. 

There are certain factors to consider while choosing the best battery spot for your needs. 

A battery spot welder review is possible while considering the following factors.

1. Welding thickness

The available batteries have different sizes and we need to alter the welding size. It is possible only when our available welder supports various thickness ratings and welding sizes. 

Most of the available welders can work for thicknesses ranging from 0.05 mm to 0.20 mm. The chosen welder can work for many battery types and wires comfortably.

2. Range with temperature

Keep a vigil on the temperature range vehicle choosing a battery spot welder. Most are available in the range of 100-140 and 150-500 degrees Celcius. 

The higher the range the better they are as they can work for most batteries and metals for welding.

3. The work cycle of the welder 

Every battery spot welder is available with a rating of the work cycle for the user to inform about the working duration for a specified time. 

Generally, they are available with a cycle of 20 pulses/ minute. This is enough to spot-weld many batteries effortlessly before the next cycle arrives. This is an advantageous situation for you.

4. Welding current

You need to do the joining of metal to batteries, and wires for quite a long time and remain as safe as possible. The powerful battery spot welder is vital for the need for a strong and long-lasting weld. 

It is better to check the amount of weld current offered by the welder before choosing it as they are available in the range of 50A-800A. The higher the range better it is.

5. Compatibility with the batteries

Assessing the compatibility of the offered welder with the batteries to be welded is an essential step. 

There are many batteries available but commonly available are 14500 and 18650 types. This part is to consider in the core before the buying decision.

6. Accessories

We need many extra accessories to use a genuine battery spot welder. The most welder comes with a range of accessories that include a battery holder, fuse tube, foot pedal, nickel plating, screwdriver, welding needles, and wrenches. 

The best spot welder is laden with maximum accessories to make it useful at unboxing.

7. Essential controls

The essential controls of a quality battery spot welder are an asset for the purchaser. You must examine the control options offered by the manufacturer in the form of standard switches, dials, etc. The power output correction device is available in many battery spot welders.

These features in the best battery spot welder make the performance quality better.

8. Warranty period

We expect our welder to remain operational and in the best working position for a longer period of time. It is a wise step to check the period of warranty with the manufacturer. 

The longer the warranty better is the deal.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

A beginner, trained welder, and hobbyist have their own questions.  We will be discussing the few very common here.

1. How does a battery spot welder work?

The heat and pressure application is the cornerstone of its working. Copper alloy-made electrode transmits current and makes the metal melt and fuse. 

The current is staying away when the pressure solidifies the weld to create the joint.

2. How much is the maximum temperature in the battery spot welder?

The maximum temperature with welding time and welding current can be attained up to 2550 Degrees F.

3. What is the voltage level required for battery spot welding?

For regular small welding 50V, AC is needed while 80V AC is required for special needs.

4. Can a battery spot welder shock me?

They can do a small extent and that too very rarely. If we are careful the chances are minimal and it is really uncommon to have a lethal shock.

5. Is there any metal that can not be battery spot welded?

Most of the battery spot welding is suitable for it except zinc silver, and lead.

6. Can we solder the battery directly?

This is not a great idea, I may damage the seal. It can be done on battery at one end.

7. Can one use a tap as a substitute for soldering?

No, you can use metallic glue, not any tape.

Final words

We tried to explain the battery spot welder review in this article 10 Best Battery spot welders of 2023. The detailed features were discussed to choose the best battery spot welder. 

The factor to consider remains professional performance, marvelous features, solid output, budget-friendly, portability, and reliability.

The maximum features which one looks for best battery spot welder are met with Cruxweld Pneumatic Battery Spot Welder CBS10P. Spare a few moments to make a comment and your opinion here.

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