DC TIG Welding System - Inverter Based

DC TIG Welding System – Inverter Based TIG (GATW) Welding Equipment are available with the best quality and wider range of welding equipment at our manufacturing unit. The TIG welding better with AC this is clear to every welder as the TIG welding is much cleaner with AC. There are the situations where DC power is to use for the better result. The commonest reason to use DC power is when the metal is thicker the  1/2” and Aluminium need strong penetration for welding. If we try AC Power for thicker surfaces then distortion and burn may be there.DC TIG Welding System – Inverter Based is the range where we manufacture the battery of models in every strength for supply in India and International market. The quality and structure are excellent for every model. The machine is designed such so that a neat bead of welding constructed with the Aluminium filler metal. The nitrous or Helium may be used as a combination

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