Butt Welder

Butt Welder – Resistance Welding Equipments in India. The range of Butt welding for Iron, Steel, Copper, Bronze, and Aluminium wire available to us. Butt welder connects the parts which are nearly parallel and do not overlap. It is a continuous process as opposed to restarting the machine with the new supply of the material. The machine is making welding joint by gradually heating the two ends under pressure. The process is useful for the prefabrication and producing special fittings. Our Butt welding machine is fully automatic. The ends of the wire to join is pretreated by a shearing equipment supplied with the machine. The welding current is to set beforehand depending upon the size of the wire. The wire ends are joined by the specialy designed electrode and viewed through the illuminating unit supplied. The machines are stable and strong and produce the best butt welding in the varied metals.

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