Gas Cutting Products

Gas Cutting Products and accessories- Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting Products in India. Cruxweld have an inventory of these products large in size & best in quality. These products are available in every corner of India by our supply chain method. The clients are served by our service team fanning across India. The products are manufactured on the principle of Oxy-Fuel gas cutting. This technique is good for low carbon and low alloy steel with a carbon contents varying from 1/10 to 3/10 of 1% carbon content. The cutting torch supply varying the strength of Oxygen mixing with fuel gas to make a preheat flame making a ring of flame at the tip. The preheat flame may acquire a temp between 4400 to 6000 F depending upon fuel gas and concentration of oxygen. The cutting jet is produced in the middle of the tip which has tremendous heat for the disruption of the metal. The metal flow due to heat and disruption of the surface is produced leading to cutting off the surface.

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