DC Arc Welding Series - Thyristor Based

DC Arc Welding Series -Thyristor Based, Stick (SMAW) Welding Equipment based on the principle of ARC welding process with thyristors for quality welding machine in India. DC Arc Welding Series -Thyristor Based have three power great efficiency, high power heavy duty rectifier. This is an excellent equipment for onsite application and effective in Indian environment of 55°C. It is risk-free in humid and damp welding atmosphere. These are economical and suitable for both manual arc and carbon arc gouging. It may work with 100-meter output cable with good results. The optional remote control can easily be increased or decreased the welding current. The machine is sturdy and very stable to work in all the environment to produce the best of the results. This DC Arc Welding Series – Thyristor Based is the key product of our manufacturing inventory and we are the supplier of these products in India and overseas. since many decades.

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