Longitudinal Seam Welder

Longitudinal Seam Welder РResistance Welding Machine India РThe machine is designed for straight line welding of weldable metal from the thickness of 0,1 to 10 mm. It provides 100% penetration with single pass weld on untacked cylinders and flat sheets without heat distortion of material. This way we may optimize to reduce the welding cost and improve the welding quality. Pressure tight continuous seam welding is the feature of Cruxweld. There is the special clamping unit for the untacked joint. The precise torch movement makes accurate carriage traveling. The heat sinks are provided for the reduction oh heat around the workpiece. The visibility is best around the weld head and work area. Aluminium alloy finger clamping help in heat removal at welding zone and Arc blow is eliminated completely. We are very careful about the need of the client and manufacture as per their need. We use best of the material as the raw material to make the machine.