Portable & Gas Apparatus Equipment

Gas Cutting, PPE & Accessories – Gas Cutting, Personal Protective Equipment in India. The Cruxweld is the biggest supplier of these products in India. The supplier in India with better quality of products are in the favor of Cruxweld. The gas cutting equipment is a heavy duty instrument and it is manufactured by the best of quality products, The supply of these products is across India. The network is very strong where we can supply the products in all corner of the country. The quality, sustainability is the main concern of Cruxweld. The post sales service is another concern in the supply of the machines. We have maintained a strong chain of service people. They all work in unison to provide the world-class service of our products. The personal protective equipment supply includes safety shoes, safety welding gloves, welding helmet, welding apron, sleeve guard, leg guard, protective goggles and others for the supply in India and abroad.

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