6 Best Portable Welder Generators in 2024 [Trusted Reviews & Comparisons]

Have you imagined a situation, you have a project to work on steel but you are away from the power supply. How will you weld now, staying away from the electric power? Such situations need equipment that does not need external electric power.

An Engine Driven Welder Generator is an answer to these circumstances.

These miraculous machines are designed, drafted with heavy-duty cycles, and can run arc welders. These welder generator combos used to provide auxiliary power to drive angle grinder, overhead light, fan, and plasma cutter and run welding power sources as well.

hobart welder generator

These types of equipment are very popular among auto body repair, farmers, seashore jobs, and DIY enthusiasts.

A wide range of welder generators available in the market, but there should be a complete appraisal before you shop. But we have picked the top five favorite welders to review for you.

Here are 6 Best Engine Driven Welder Generators

1. Cruxweld Engine Driven Welder Generator – Diesel 220DN

Diesel Welding Generator


  • 220 Amps Welding Output
  • KOHLER 3600 RPM Diesel Engine
  • Welder and Generator Combo
  • 4-Stroke Air-Cooled Diesel Engine
  • Twin 5.0/220 kVA/V Auxiliary Power with ELCB
  • 8/11 KW/HP – Engine Rating
  • Max Electrode Diameter 4.0 mm
  • Constant Current DC Output
  • Air Cooled Diesel Engine
  • Starting System – Recoil/Electric
  • 72 dB(A) @7m – Sound Level
  • 12V Electric Start with Control Panel
  • 8 hrs Continuous Running
  • Self-Bleeding Fuel System
  • Dimensions – L815 x W480 x H620 mm
  • Weight 75 Kg/165 Pound


  • Fabrication
  • Seashore project
  • Maintenance
  • Railroad
  • Construction
  • Distant  projects
  • Pipeline
  • Mining

The Cruxweld Diesel Welding Generator 220DN is 220A designed for contractors, maintenance, repair, distant sites. Heavy-duty rugged roll frame, high protection, and easy movability of generator welder. This remains an automatic idle device when no load is connected.

Optimized combustion system to follow the industry’s emission standards with this equipment. Good for applications like mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and hard facing projects with a 4 mm stick electrode. Easy maintainability of engine oil replacement after 100 hours. The AC current here helps to work for the head over lights, grinder, drill, cutting instruments. 

Doing more work, more efficiently with little impact on the environs by pushing the limits of sound and emissions.


  • High-quality KOHLER 15LD440 engine
  • Provides 5.0 kVA of 115V / 230V AC power for grinder, lights or other electrical tools
  • Both AC and DC current
  • Enough DC for welding steel
  • Auxiliary power enough for work
  • Heavy-duty rugged roll frame for high safety/carry
  • Developed under the certified quality system of ISO 9001 requirements
  • The automatic idle device when no load is connected
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and reliable
  • Fuel efficient

2. Cruxweld Engine Driven Welder Generator – Petrol 220PN

Petrol Operated Welding Generator


  • 220A DC Engine Driven Welder
  • 5 0/220 kVA/V Auxiliary Power
  • Welding Current Range 40 – 220A
  • HONDA GX390 Petrol Engine with Oil Alert
  • 4-Stroke Engine, OHV – Engine Type
  • 8.7/11.7 KW/HP – Engine Rating
  • Welding Rod Capacity 2.5 – 4.0 mm
  • Pure DC Generator Welding Output
  • Stepless Current Adjustment
  • Smooth DC Output with Excellent Arc Strike
  • IP23 – Protection Degree
  • Cooling – Air Cooled
  • Dimensions – L815 x W480 x H620 mm
  • Weight 71 Kg/156 Pound

Application of Welder Generator Combo

  • Electric motor 1HP-1000
  • Airless sprayer 1/3HP- 600
  • Grinder 7inches- 2000
  • Drill 1inch- 1000
  • Drill 1/2inches- 600
  • Bench Grinder 8 inches – 1400
  • Air compressor 1HP- 975
  • Halogen light 500
  • Hand drill 3/8inch – 700
  • Submersible pump 1HP – 1000
  • Offshore welding
  • Civil works
  • Heavy fabrications
  • Railroad

A power optimizer is a term coined by Cruxweld for this generator welder. The Honda GX390 is the engine used for the precision-engineered parts resulting in minimal vibration. Crankshaft supported by bearings offers stability. Smooth performance is a result of better piston design and heavy-duty balancer shaft.

The welder generator is comfortably transportable and fitted in such a way to make easy portability. High efficiency in fuel consumption with the best of specifications. The automatic start is due to a chargeable battery fitted to it. The welding machine is such a stable and so the stable is the arc. The better duty cycle of 60% helps to make it user friendly for the industries.

Welder Generator Working

3. Miller Welder Generator – Bobcat 200 Air Pak 

Miller Welder Generator


  • Output Range 30–210 A
  • Battery Charge 12/24 V, 100 A
  • Crank Assist 12/24 V, 300 A
  • Generator Power 6,500 watts
  • Power Speed 3,600 rpm
  • Kohler Engine
  • Low Oil Pressure – Auto Shutdown
  • Oil Pressure 3.2 L
  • Dimensions 29″ x 23″ x 5″

Miller welder generator Bobcat 20 Air Pak is a fuel-efficient, quiet, welder generator. They are compact, lightweight, and heavily backed by industries due to their reliability and performance. It can be set up with a USB drive to record the data. 

The machine has a display for arc control indicators. maintenance indicator, fuel level indicator,  engine control switch to start the machine, and stop the engine on completion of the job.

The engine may run at a high speed up to 3600 rpm. The auto speed position will control the speed according to the load demand. The push-button of the main control knob is used to regulate amperage/voltage, arc control, and assess the service menu.

This welding generator is known for its longevity, durability, and versatility. Inverter based welding machines offer a stable arc with a good variation in arc length and travel speed. The technician produces a very clean weld and keeps away from the time and expense of rework.


  • Fuel efficient and powerful
  • AC and DC both output
  • Most process possible
  • A high duty cycle at a high ampere setting
  • Smooth power not spiked
  • Quiet and better sound an improved version
  • Accurately rated generator power
  • Small and lighter design
  • Reliability in designing
  • Easier maintenance
  • Reversed generator airflow

4. Lincoln Welder Generator – Bulldog 5500

Lincoln Engine Driven Welder


  • Low lift and more leverage
  • Rated Output 125A AC/20V/30%
  • Output Range 70-140A
  • Generator Output 5500 watts
  • Kohler Engine
  • HP and Speed 8.9@3600
  • Single Cylinder
  • Dimensions (H X W X D) (651 mm x 553 mm x 800 mm)
  • Weight 198 pound (89.81 kg)

The Lincoln Electric Bulldog 5500 attributes a Kohler CH395 8.9 HP engine which is energized by gasoline. The engine bears a capacity to produce 4000 watts continuous AC power with an ampere range of 70A-140A. This welding machine is light in weight because of the tubular frame. This is handy and portable and can move easily from place to place.

This generator welder is a durable, user-friendly, and fuel-efficient welder. You can complete quite a lot of welding before the tank of 1.9 gallons exhaust.

The auxiliary power is used for grinder, work lights, motor starting, pump, and emergency power supply.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Durable with best components
  • Fuel efficient engine
  • Value for your money
  • Portable
  • Light in weight

5. Hobart Welder Generator – Champion 145 Welder/Generator

Hobart Welder Generator


  • Processes Stick (SMAW)
  • Rated Output 130 A @ 30% Duty Cycle
  • Single Phase Generator Continuous Power 4000 W
  • Current Type DC
  • Amperage Range 40 – 145
  • Weld Output CC
  • Fuel Tank Size 6.25 gal.
  • Dimensions (H X W X D) (523 mm x 627 mm x 793 mm)
  • Weight 222 lbs

Hobart welder generator Champion 145 is lightweight and compact. This generator welder provides you the power whenever and wherever you need it. The welder offers us 145 amperes of welding capacity, making it a preferred choice for repair and maintenance projects.

This portable welder generator is an excellent source up to 4500 watts starting AC power. It may be a useful welding machine for light fabrication, farmhouse, maintenance, and repair. The stable arc, a clean weld is there with reliability and durability of the welder. The auxiliary power used for emergency backup, hand tools, grinders, light & battery charging. The warranty of the engine is provided by the engine manufacturer.


  • Offering both AC and DC power in a single machine
  • High quality with durability
  • Easy to install and use
  • Offer an amperage of 145 Amperes
  • Value for your money
  • Ground protection

6. Mosa Welder Generator – TS 250 KD/EL

Mosa Engine Driven Welder


  • Single-phase 4.5 Kva
  • KOHLER KD 477-2 Engine
  • Max Welding Current 250A
  • Generator Output 6.5 kVA
  • Open Circuit Voltage 70 V
  • Speed 3000 rpm
  • Air Cooled
  • Electric Starter
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 1050x530x630 mm
  • Dry Weight 200 Kg

The Mosa engine-driven welder  TS 250 KD/EL is a diesel welding machine with an electronically controlled welding current up to 250 A and a duty cycle of 35%. It is a welder simultaneously working as an electrical generator.

The DC current for welding can work for the 6mm diameter of the electrode. The equipment has a remote control of 20 meters and can regulate the welding current easily. It is suitable for a wider range of applications like site fabrication, mobile welding unit, pipe welding, and maintenance.


  • Stable arc 
  • Better duty cycle
  • DC output for welding 250 ampere
  • Sturdy welder
  • AC and DC both current

Welder Generator Parts

Welder Generator Parts

What are the Applications of a Generator Welder?

Every welding machine needs a power supply. Most of the machine depends on the electric power supplies available in most of the shops, garages, industries, and homes. A welder generator is having its own inbuilt power supply. 

  1. The handy equipment where an electrical connection is not available. It is better utilized by farmers to repair tractors, combines, irrigation pipes, spreaders, seeders, fencing, hitches, and trailers repair.
  2. The welding generator becomes handy on a ranch for erecting fences & holding pens, trailers, wagons, and other equipment used in the ranch. 
  3. The construction people make use of this welder generator for framing and steel support in the buildings.
  4. The industry where welding is carried out in an area where no external power source is possible, will need welder generators to construct, repair metal structures, and metal components.
  5. They may be a useful option for emergency power situations along with welding facilities.
  6. In conditions of natural disaster as tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms, and floods have occurred, businesses, and homes, are left with no power for a longer period of time.
  7. A welding generator is armed with a fairly large fuel tank to run continuously for hours together under a continuous watt load.
  8. Few welder generators can offer you enough output power for the need of a house or small business. They can deliver the start of big appliances like a furnace, water heater, and air conditioner.

Engine Driven Welder and Generator Combo, Purchaser’s Advisory  


You have decided to shop for a unit in step with your project. Your purchasing considerations must include: 

  • Type of the engine and fuel 
  • Functioning versatility of  the unit
  • Power type AC or DC or Both
  • Noise pollution level of the model
  • Generator style for portability and size 

Now we are going to be scrutinizing the features of those pieces of kit, your options, advantages, and shortcomings of all different parameters.

Fuel Expenditure

All the engine-driven power source utilizes one of these three fuels categories, named diesel, gasoline/petrol, and liquid propane (LPG).

Many of these small portable units consume gasoline. The gasoline engines give in lower fuel utilization. They are easy to start in even extreme frosty weather. The gasoline is more nominal than propane and diesel.

The extended period of welding jobs may need a diesel engine as this fuel offers the long run time than propane and gasoline. In the situation of an easy supply of diesel at the site, the diesel welding generator will be the first choice.

Propane is found to be an expensive fuel but has few benefits like it burns clean, can be kept longer, and can burn in not quite a ventilated area.

Equipment’s Design and Weight

Thumb rule is more the power of the equipment, the heavier and bigger is its size. This is because of more components to make it more powerful. The design of the machine affects significantly the weight, size, and portability.

There are two designs available one is open/ tube frame type, and the second is the enclosed case of the machine. The open type of welders is lighter and compact than the enclosed one. But enclosed type welders furnish powerful protection to the engine better than an open frame type welder.


Suppose you are having welding jobs at many locations then portability becomes of paramount importance. The powerful unit should have transportability to mount it on your truck back for a meaningful welding job.

The tube frame type designs are lighter than enclosed cases and become easy to lift by hand or crane. Some designs have added wheels for portability. 

Output Power

The process and project need to decide the required power output. Bigger the project more is the power required. DC Power output is the consideration of your project.

You may need AC power output for your project needs. Your need may be overhead light, grinder, drill machine, and cutting equipment. Time to calculate total DC power and AC power requirement as per your project before you settle with a welder generator purchase.

Duty Cycle of the Generator Welder

The duty cycle shows how long you can run the equipment at a given amperage in a 10 minutes cycle. Suppose your welder’s duty cycle is 60% at 220 amperes, you must pause your welder for four minutes after six minutes of uninterrupted welding.

Generally, the duty cycle goes up when the amperage of the welder goes down. It means at lower amperage it may carry the welding for a longer period of time.

Cost and Payment Terms

In any purchase, the price tag is always the first consideration. But it should never be the only consideration as you may end up with substandard products and restricted functionality. Look for the welder where payment terms are on equated payments for a period.

The welder power combo is slightly at a higher price than an electrical welder. You can use it away from your shop, may be in the field, ranch, and farm. It is advisable to spend more on better amperage, better fuel efficiency, and a better brand. You end up saving on running the equipment and spares replacement in the long run.

Noise Pollution Level

Welding generator units are louder than traditional welders. If you are welding in a remote area or on a farm, then never compromise on power in keeping the noise level below 100DB. But if you work in an apartment complex, then the noise level is a significant factor.

If your work warrants you to operate in other homes, choose the hunt that produces a noise of less than 90DB, which is louder than a vacuum cleaner but the same level as the city traffic.

DC/AC Power Type

DC and AC are the polarities of the current that the welder generates and run through electrodes. DC is electricity that flows in a direction that has a voltage with a harmonious polarity. Instead, AC is the electricity that switches directions, a periodical reversal of voltage.

DC remains the most popular type used as it produces a smooth and stable arc. These DC machines are very nominally priced and easy to operate.

Accessories and Fitments

Once you are buying new equipment you may require some accessories for the equipment and for the job you are undertaking. The commonest accessories include electrode holder, extension cables, remote control, keys, and spanner.

Confirm with the supplier fitment list and try to buy the same.

Warranty Agreement

Find out the warranty period before shopping for the generator welder. The manufacturer of the welding generator provides a warranty for engine and batteries separately. Generally, the warranty agreement is for 2-3 years.

Most of the companies ask you to drop the machine which needs any service and repair. In Asia, an economical model of Cruxweld offers you warranty, which is great worth for its cost.

Proposed Multi-Process Items

Fuel Canister

A welder power combo bears significant benefits of location independent. You are free to work anywhere, fields, seashore, roadside, and rooftop even. Now you are in a situation when you are out of fuel and even do not have electrical supply nearby. A filled fuel canister serves here as backup fuel storage.

Welding Hose Pipe

Once working on your project and you are to reach the area far away. The small hoses make the movements of the welder restricted and difficult. Best quality welding hoses of 50-70 feet extra makes the unit more mobile and more productive.

Welding Clamps

When you have shortlisted and purchased a unit, then you always wanted to make the clean and neat welding. The good pair of electrode holders will help to make the tidy welding. Extra pair of electrode holders may remain handy.

Protective Shield for Unit

Sufficient protection of the welding machine requires during the downtime. A weather cover is essential to prevent the accumulation of dust  & corrosion by keeping the moisture at bay.

This cover not only improves the life span of the unit but improves its performance to its maximum. Any deterioration in the equipment will reduce the duty cycle and increase the chances of defects.

Running Wheels

Working alone and moving the heavy machine alone waste lots of energy and time. You need high-quality running gear or wheels for bulky and heavy welder generators.

The gear and wheels make transportation, adjustment, positioning effortless. This exercise will prevent any personal injury and damage to the equipment.

Extensions Leads

The welder generator combo with sufficient power will be able to run other tools like cutter, grinder, drills, and light. Everything you wish to operate, you need good quality extension cables for it.

A sufficient length and excellent quality leads will save your time if only few people are working on a project.

Electrodes Identification – A.W.S. Standards

Electrodes Identification


There are few dazzling welder generators available in the market, and we have reviewed the top six welder generator combo and summarized how much they can do for you. You may be a small fabrication business owner, hobbyist, high fabrication unit, and interested in a good and stable arc formation. General repair and maintenance also need a stable arc for welding. 

Our top pick for the same is  Cruxweld Engine Driven Welder Generator – Diesel 220DN. Diesel does not ignite fast, and it becomes an automatic choice for the job where spark igniting equipment is used. The quality and technology of the parts make it outstanding. The welder has sufficient strength to accomplish your welding job and enough auxiliary power to run drills, grinder, fan, lights, and cutting instruments.

We appreciate your turning to read the article. Now it’s your turn to ask a question. We await your comment for our continual enhancement in our welding skills.

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