MIG Welding System - Thyristor Based

MIG Welding Machine – A quality manufacturer of thyristor-based MIG (GMAW) welding equipment produces in India for supply to all local and international markets. In MIG welding the wire feeder continuously feeds in the form of a spool which acts as an electrode and the resultant arc is shielded under inert gases such as argon, helium, and a mixture of gases with CO2. We produce every component in India, the transformer is very stable in a configuration that ensures lesser power consumption. Our machines are improved power factor and efficiency. Our welder needs minimum maintenance. This is a very sturdy machine for heavy work and can work for many hours in every physical condition. The welding here is semi-automatic. The quality of the welding is of international standard as we are the regular supplier in the different countries. The machine passes through a strict quality check before supply.