Pneumatic Spot Welder

Pneumatic Spot Welder – Compressed Air Pressure Controlled Spot Welding Machine with Ergonomically correct spot welding machine manufacturers. We designed Pneumatic Spot Welder with ergonomically designed for 20, 30, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 KVA. All the machines are designed by the rigid metal eliminates the minutest manufacturing spot deflection. We designed pneumatic spot welder for high-speed production need. The industry where these welders are used is the metal fabrication, cross wire welding, kitchenware, electro brazing, heat resistance and sheet metal components. The electrode holder of copper chrome is there for heavy duty and long life. The speed is controlled by air pressure and microprocessor unit which make the desired speed. The production requirement and the nature of the job decide the speed and stroke of the spot. The spot is working on the principle where two surfaces are held tightly by electrode and a fixed current is passed in surfaces leading on to molting of the surfaces at spot leading on to welding avoiding heating of the adjoining surfaces