AC/DC TIG Welding System - Inverter Based

AC/DC TIG Welding System – Inverter Based, TIG(GTAW) Welding Equipment in India. The variety of welding equipment supplied and manufactured by us. The TIG welder for (GTAW) gas tungsten arc welding for Aluminium and others metals. The inverter based welders are portable and ideal for maintenance, automotive, piping, motorsports, vocational training institute, auto industry, shipbuilding, and other fabrications. AC/DC TIG Welding System – Inverter Based is the hallmark of quality at Cruxweld. The machines produce the best bead with the filler wire at welding site. The area around the welding place is not distorted and heat up due to the quality of the machine. The machine has a stable arc and is best for Aluminium welding. The machine has state of the art design and stable configuration. The welder is such designed for the energy saving at all steps. We are the major supplier in all the Govt. departments and also supply the machine in the international market as well.

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