Bandsaw Blade Butt Welder

Cruxwed band saw blade butt welders are compact in design and easy to use. Our saw blade welding machine is suitable for both carbon blade and bimetal blades whose width range is from 6mm to 75mm. Above 75mm we manufacture custom designs that can weld saw blades up to 150mm wide. This band saw blade butt welder is a highly efficient and fast welding method for joining broken blades or producing unique-length blades.
An effective bandsaw blade requires a complete welding and annealing facility that is fully integrated with Cruxweld Saw Blade Welding. This welding process is critical to maintaining production volumes and operating costs.
The band saw blade welders are commonly used in various manufacturing plants where saw blades are used for cutting purposes. Bandsaw blade coils can be easily cut, welded, annealed, and grind to custom lengths for special purpose band saws using this blade welder.