Pedal Operated Spot Welder

Pedal Operated Spot Welder in India- Rockers Arm type Spot Welding Machine is the main inventory with Cruxweld manufacturing team. The team of Cruxweld is busy with the making of Pedal Operated Spot Welder since two decades. The machine has adjustable arm and foot pedal length, best quality transformer, water-cooled transformer, arm, holder, and electrodes. The Pedal Operated Spot Welder have digital control in every step. The quality of Rockers Arm type Spot Welding Machine is incomparable. The machine is very easy to adjust with the current, stroke, electrode pressure with the digital selection of timer and pulse. The team at Cruxweld is very trained and every single machine passes through very strict testing. The testing and trial is the mainstay with the company to make the product with the international standard. The spot welding machine which we supply is comparable to any international brand in quality and results for the spot welding.

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