Projection Welder

Projection Welder- Resistance Welding Equipment- Modified Spot Welding Machine. The wide range of the projection welder manufactured & supplied across India. It is a variant os spot welding. The projection welding machine work on the principle of spot welding where two surfaces are held tightly and a current is passed through the metal surfaces leading on to melting of the surfaces and welding of surfaces. In this process, a section is raised at the welded site at one or other metal surface. The heat is concentrated at the projection which permitted the welding of the heavier section. The projection welder is used to weld studs, nuts, and screw to the metal plate. It is frequently used to weld wire mesh and bars. The welders are supplied by the best supplier chain across India. The welder is having a wide range and have a great design which conforms to the international standard of the machines

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