Battery Tab Spot Welding System (Pneumatic Operation)

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The Cruxweld Pneumatic Battery Spot Welder is best designed and engineered for the production of battery packs using nickel strips. This battery-operated spot welder is durable and can be used for production work for long service life.

Cruxweld offers high-quality spot welding technology for creating battery assemblies where many parameters need to be controlled such as welding force from the electrodes, voltage, current, and welding time. Our motto is to achieve good electrical contact and mechanical strength of the contact in spot welding forming a weld nugget in welding tests.


Cruxweld delivers reliable results and allows you to create durable welds. This welding process is very economical as no addition of filler material is needed as the current is used through the electrodes. Another advantage of spot welding is that it makes point contact, so the welding area is confined to the limited weld area and only takes place exactly where the tip of the electrode touches. Thus, energy is concentrated and heat generation is reduced.

Due to the high energy density, lithium-ion batteries are now used in many fields such as electric vehicles, mobile and laptop devices, etc. A single battery cell cannot be used in a battery pack because its voltage and current density are not sufficient to operate.

Therefore, many battery cells must be assembled in series/parallel to form a battery pack assembly. As a result, nickel strips are required as electrical bridges between battery cells. For 18650 and other types of lithium-ion battery cells, a battery spot welder can be used to weld sheet metal connectors to the battery cells.

Our welding electrodes are made of a mixture of copper, chromium, and zirconium (CuCrZr), a triple welding electrode material used for spot welding stainless steel, copper, and nickel alloys in battery pack assemblies.


  • The innovative design makes it possible to work in hard-to-reach places, for example, between battery terminals.
  • High productivity of 0.35s/spot with excellent performance.
  • Homogeneous welding point, a little spark, and no black spot.
  • Easy to switch from low current to high current, suitable for precision welding.
  • Integrated synchronous electronic timer with SCR from 2 to 65 cycles.
  • No filler material or heat is required.


Model CLB5P
Rating @ 50% duty cycle 5 KVA
Input supply 230V±15%
Phase I
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Welding thickness (min. to max.) 0.03 – 0.45 mm
Maximum available current (short circuit) @15% duty cycle 3600 A
Time control Solid state electronic timer KA
Output current selection 6 steps
Insulation F
Transformer cooling Air-cooled
Scope of application 18650, 26650, 32650 cylindrical battery, NI-MH battery (nickel-metal hydride battery), Nickel-cadmium battery and EV Lithium battery pack Ni tab welding
Dimensions (approx.) (HxLxW) 1475x860x1350 mm
Weight 118 kg


The battery spot welding machine manufacturer and supplier in India with pneumatically controlled equipment for commercial and industrial use. In recent times more and more people are looking for custom-built or rebuilt battery packs by using a battery spot welder. The cost of the welder and the high quality of the battery pack makes the welder a lucrative option for the client. The battery spot welding machine packs consist of welding thin nickel plates from one battery cell to another with a battery spot welder. The dual pulse feature produces a clean, strong, and repetitive weld. The first weld heats the surface and eliminates the contaminant to seat the welding electrode tips. The second pulse produces a second strong weld. The battery welding application includes battery pack production, custom battery pack, battery pack rebuilding, battery cell tabbing, weld alkaline, and lithium-type cell. The battery spot welder here is used in two welding applications opposed and series configuration. We have kept the construction very simple. The force adjustment with the electrode is very accurate. The electrode holder is really a solid one made up of a radiator earthing clamp. We use a microcontroller to set the weld time very accurately. We use a double pulse for the improvement in clamping. The current can be reduced for the sensitive parts in the welding process. The quality of the machines which are available with us matches with international standard. We take care of the quality and we export our product to different countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. The international quality standard is very high and our equipment passed through a strict vigilant quality check. The raw material that we use in our manufacturing is quality products and has standard quality criteria. The manufacturing engineers team is highly qualified and motivated and devoted to the cause of the best quality in each and every product whatever we manufacture.


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