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Air Plasma Cutting Equipment

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Air Plasma Cutting Equipment-Air Plasma Cutting Machines in India provide inverter based specifically designed for excellent cutting & bevelling performance on the material of varied thickness. Our product is fitted with state of art power factor correction which enables our equipment for maximum cutting. The equipment is very safe for any surface for cutting. It is convenient to use and no distortion happened at the surfaces of the material. There is saving on storage and uses of the gases. These machines make better cuts and are easy to use even by a semi-skilled worker. The torch we provide is light in weight to make it move fast conveniently. We work according to the need of our clients as their inputs are a constant source of our renewed energy for the best products we launch in the market. The Air Plasma Cutting Equipment which we supply to our client is according to the international standard of specification and needs.

Plasma cutting machine is a therm-based device in fabrication that cuts through an electrically conductive metal, melting and blowing the metal with a fast moving current of plasma passing through a narrowed small hole. Materials with plasma include structural steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, cast iron, and brass.
The principle on which a plasma cutting machine works is that an arc is produced between the electrode and the workpiece, which once passes through the constricted finely bored copper nozzles and at temperatures above 20000 centigrade and speed of sound Generates velocity as. The increased speed of the gas leads to the removal of the molten metal. The gas used here may be atmospheric air, nitrogen, oxygen, and argon.
It is clear that if we compare oxy-fuel with plasma cutting then we find the plasma cutting initial cost is more. The running electricity cost should also be counted as well. But the running cost of plasma is minimal except for electricity and consumables while in oxy-fuel torches gases cost to its maximum and make it is running an expensive affair.
The MIG welder cannot be used as a plasma cutter but the arc mode of the MIG welder can be used as a cutter and may be designated as air arc cut, not plasma cutter. This mode can be used if you have a minimum cutting requirement and do not want to invest in a plasma cutter or oxy-fuel. Here we need to buy a thicker electrode of 6011 or 6013 and make an arc at around 125 - 135 amperage that will not melt the rod, instead it will become a hot piece. Place this red hot rod and keep it all the way to work to cut and move steadily. This type of harvesting produces a lot of brightness and arc glare and requires users to be very careful about personal safety and proper ventilation of the place.
The principle on which plasma cutters work is electrical conductivity, so it is useful in metals such as steel, brass, and copper etc. Since wood is not electrically conductive, it cannot be cut with a plasma cutter.
The air pressure required depends on the nature and thickness of the metal. Generally, we require 4-8 scfm to be delivered in 90–120 psi to cut from 6mm to 25mm steel sheets.
Plasma cutters require compressed air which can be atmospheric air, nitrogen, argon and oxygen.
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