Air Plasma Cutting Equipment

A range of portable and powerful plasma cutting machines for fast and precise cutting on the job site or in the workshop.
Air Plasma Cutting Equipment-Air Plasma Cutting Machines in India provide inverter based specifically designed for excellent cutting & bevelling performance on the material of varied thicknesses. Our product is fitted with state of art power factor correction which enables our equipment for maximum cutting. The equipment is very safe for any surface for cutting. It is convenient to use and no distortion happened on the surfaces of the material. There is a saving on storage and use of the gases. These machines make better cuts and are easy to use even by a semi-skilled worker. The torch we provide is light in weight to make it move fast conveniently. We work according to the need of our clients as their inputs are a constant source of our renewed energy for the best products we launch in the market. The Air Plasma Cutting Equipment which we supply to our client is according to the international standard of specification and needs.
The Cruxweld FINELINE series of plasma cutting machines are digital inverter-controlled plasma cutters that provide high cutting power but are stronger and lighter than conventional cutters of the same cutting capacity. Plasma cutters are an excellent method of cutting conductive metals such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. A plasma cutting performance depends on its amperage. Lower amperage units are good for cutting thin metals, while higher amperage units are better for cutting heavy metals. Also, there is a current range setting from minimum to maximum, which should adjust according to metal thickness.

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