Pulse TIG Welding System - Inverter Based

Pulse TIG Welding System – Inverter Based, TIG(GTAW) Welding Equipment- Pulsed TIG Welding Machine, best quality, international standard manufacturers India. TIG welding with pulse feature is used most commonly with the thin metal such as Aluminium and can be used for Copper and varieties of steel. The pulsing can be set in the welder itself. The pulsing help to greater control of heat at the site of welding and prevent burning through the metal. The pulsing in TIG helps to make a clean and neat weld with a smooth margin. The welding by pulsing machine can be achieved in less space as there is less hand movement, less heat and less filler metal is used. The little practice may help to achieve the welding speed at 150 pulses per second, thus creating neat welding in far less time. In difficult welding situation like edge and welding in a whole pulsing in TIG will manifest better results.