AC Arc Welding Series - Transformer Based

AC Arc Welding Series – Transformer Based, Stick (SMAW) Welding Equipment Moving coil type transformer, single phase on the wheel manufacturers in India for the industrial supply. The AC Arc Welding Series – Transformer Based is a step less, high efficiency, safer and have forced air cooling system with the strong exhaust fan. The coil is made primary and secondary with Aluminium and Copper for the efficiency of the machine. They are compact and very lightweight and can be termed as a portable machine. The machines are designed so for the clients to fulfil their need in the industry. These can be used for the industries like automotive, fabrication, construction, medical equipment, packaging industry etc. The machines are equipped with the beautiful transformer which uses copper and aluminium wire for its formation. The machine we supply after long and strong trial for hours and try to do the job work which our client asked for.