Micro Butt Welder

Micro Butt Welder – Butt Welder India, Manufacturers and Supplier for the use in major industries for their speedy and economical production. The Micro Butt Welder is used for the material which is nearly parallel and never overlaps. The process of Small Welding Machine is the continuous process and fully automatic and does not require restarting of the machine with the supply of fresh material. The welder is making the welding joint by gradually heating the two ends under constant pressure to make the stable welding. The end of the material is pretreated with shearing equipment available with every machine. The union or welding process at the end is seen by the illuminating unit which is available on every single machine. The machine for supply is always going to the laboratory for the trial run and once the trial is successful the machine can be supplied to the client for the commercial use in industries.