DC Arc Welding Series - Diode Based

DC Arc Welding Series – Diode Based- Stick (SMAW) Welding Equipment in India. The best quality diode manufactured with best copper wire, fabrication & quality testing by our technical team. The transformer is prepared by best quality wire, nicely insulated with proper strength. The frame is made from a thick metal sheet, sturdy and best in design. The wiring is completed after the transformer is installed. The accessories are all ISI marked for the better working and long life of the equipment. The stick welding we produce is a wide range in India. We supply our machine in other countries like Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Austria, Bangla Desh. The cruxwed is very careful about the quality standard and mission to make a world-class equipment and can compete with any brand available in the market.The machine which we produce is in the bracket of any reputed brand and quality. The welding quality is always best and so is the after-sales service.