Drawn Arc Stud Welder

Drawn Arc Stud Welder – Stud Welder manufacturer in India for strong penetrative welding on material more than 2 mm thickness and above. Drawn Arc Stud Welder is the only choice for the stud welding of the larger diameters, curvature, imperfections of rust, scale, and greasy surfaces. This welder provides an extremely neat clean and controlled weld. The welder requires a welding process which involves setting current and welding time, hold and lift stud, use a pilot arc creating a molten pool on the plate. Return spring force to adhere the stud in a molten stage which requires a ferrule to contain the metal in shape and welding the stud to the metal surfaces. We designed our drawn arc welder with lightness, balance for operator ease and best result and speed in fixing the studs. The studs are fixed in such a way that the strength of the weld is at its best.