CNC Cutting Systems

CNC Cutting Systems – CNC Oxyfuel cutting machine- CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.Pioneer in manufacture and supply for CNC Machine in India. We are one of the  CNC Cutting Systems major manufacturers and supplier in India. The plasma cutting is a process used to cut the mild steel, aluminium sheet, stainless steel of varied thickness using plasma torch.The inert gas is used with high speed through a nozzle and electrical arc formed and through the area, plasma moves sufficiently fast to blow the molten metal away to make the fast cut and clean cut. We have a team os senior, mid-skill workers and R&D team to develop the machine for the need of the industries. The product is for the heavy industries and for the mass cutting at high speed and more economical ways. The CNC we supplied to the client in the national and international market. The cutting here is very precise as precision is the hallmark of the Cruxweld

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