Hand Operated Spot Welder

Hand Operated Spot Welder – Portable Hand Spot Welder- Manufacturer of best quality, stable hand operated spot welder in India. This spot welder is handy and used for very small spot welding area. This Welding machine is the welder for the very specific use in the smaller area and smaller spot. The fabrication is stiffened at the point of stress. The transformer is mounted directly on the body for easy movement and working of the machine. The principle is same as of the other spot welding when two surfaces are held tightly by electrodes and a constant high current passed for the shortest possible time to melt the spot area when resolidify leading on to spot welding. The metal used in fabrication is strong and electrodes are the real mix of alloy for the passage of current and heat. The transformer is winded by the copper wire and best insulation for the better results