Portable Spot Welders

Sometimes some welding applications require more flexibility, which is impossible with fixed-type spot welders. With this in mind, we have developed our hand-held spot welder, which is flexible and can weld in any position without moving the workpiece. Due to the single-sided spot welder technology, there is no weld mark on the other side of the sheet. It is easier to use and can increase productivity with low maintenance. In addition, a spot welding gun is cheaper and, at the same time, faster than traditional spot welding machines.
The principle is the same as another spot welding when electrodes hold two surfaces firmly. A constant high current is passed for the shortest possible time to melt the spot area when resolidification leads to spot welding. The metal used in manufacture is strong, and electrodes are the real alloy mix for the passage of electricity and heat.
Cruxweld spot welding guns are lightweight, reliable, and easy to operate for panel making, auto parts welding, cabinet welding, and sheet metal fabrication. The portable spot welder CSH series can easily weld steel and stainless steel. Various copper electrode designs for different welding applications and the precise timer controller attachment make this spot welder more advantageous.