Seam Welding Machine

Seam welding is a continuous resistance welding process used to join workpieces of similar or dissimilar materials, which is particularly suitable for leakproof welding results. Cruxweld seam welders can be divided into two categories: circumferential seam welders and longitudinal seam welders. Seam welding is a variant of spot welding, the main difference being that the welding electrode is a motorized wheel instead of a fixed rod. In a seam welding machine, a mechanical force is applied between copper roller electrodes to hold the sheets together in an overlapping pattern, and an electric current is passed through the sheets to join them.
The advantage of seam welding is that there are no gases or fumes generated during the welding process. In addition, gas-tight and liquid-tight welded joints are possible without the use of filler material to join the two sheets, providing versatility. This process is highly repeatable as it can be fully automated. Resistance seam welding can also form single-seam welds and parallel-seam welds at the same time.
Thanks to leak-proof welded joints, the process is ideal for manufacturing items such as fuel tanks, tin cans, radiators, or drums in the automotive industry. Seam welding is also used in many types of barrel and exhaust system fabrication. Widely used to weld aircraft fuel tanks, refrigerators, oil transformers, etc.
Seam Welder Machine – Side Seam welders – Longitudinal side seam welder in India manufactured by Cruxweld with consistent, faultless & narrow weld and removes the need for trained welders. The machine is capable of welding tin sheets, black and TFS sheets of varying thicknesses of 0.2 to 0.4mm, diameter range from 50 to 300 mm, and height up to 450mm. The electrolytic copper wire as an intermediate electrode is used which prevents the deposition of molten tin and ensures quality welding.
The upper arm is designed with high tensile brass, the lower arm is complete with a carriage guide rail, Z bar and weld wheel, etc. The antifriction mercury contact weld wheels are made out of a special alloy of copper. The movement of the carriage is actuated by an automatic fly system to maintain the welding speed. The machine quality is great and the network in India is very vast for the supply of these machines.

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