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Spot Welder

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Spot Welder – Resistance Welding Equipments Manufacturers India for the biggest range of spot welding machine in a national & international arena. We manufacture machine on the principle where two surfaces are held together by electrodes and measured electric current passed leading on to heat due to resistance and thus heat cause melting of the surfaces which are resolidified to make a welding joint. The electrodes are made from copper alloy to produce more heat at the desired place. In spot welding machine the surrounding surfaces do not heat up or distorted. The common uses for the spot are sheet metal, wire mesh, furniture, kitchenware. The amount of current and time for which the current is passed to produce the desired welding. The welding process by spot is required where the surrounding should not be affected and distorted. The welding joint has the desired strength of the industries which they need to be weld.

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