Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)

Equipped with advanced line technology, the Cruxweld Digital SAW Series offers a solution developed for almost every Submerged Arc welding application. SAW welding or submerged arc welding is most widely used to weld thick plates without worrying about weld defects and cleaning after welding. The welding process is also faster and much safer for operators. The SAW process is really the best choice for welding thick plates in circumferential and longitudinal welds. Due to the flux protection, high current, and deep and wide penetration, the weld quality is excellent, and the SAW process is unaffected by welding defects such as lack of fusion, lack of penetration, porosity or spatter.
In addition to excellent welding quality, high reliability, and performance, the arc welding process is ergonomic and safe for the operator. The best part is that the flux not only protects the arc and weld pool but also the operator, as there is no need to wear a mask while welding. Submerged arc welding does not expose the operator’s eyes and skin to radiation and does not emit harmful welding fumes.

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