Top 5 Stud Welder Brands in 2022

Blending joints between bridges & roads, food making & catering vessels, assembling a train, plane, and automobile needs a  fastening method. The technique demands hole-free, leak-free, and decorative procedures that are possible by a stud welder.

It is a very popular method for its speed, accuracy, reliability, and aesthetic looks. It fastens the stud effortlessly and achieves the joint strength more than the base metal.

The selection of one from the list of available equipment is not an effortless task. We will make this process of shopping easy and complete your project in stipulated time with minimal cost and best of quality.

Stud Welding Process

It is better to start the discussion, what is stud welding? 

A single-sided fastening technique that joins two metals. The fusion is by a strong electric arc that melts both surfaces, fastener, and base metal. Pressure and cooling of the molten pool lead to a strong lifetime stud joint. 

Benefits offered – The list of advantages is as follows:

Physical appearance – Fastening is carried on one side of metal, leaving no or minimal mark on the backside. This invisible welding is easy on the eye but highly secure and favored.

Versatile – Useful for metals like stainless steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum, and brass. You can adopt studs like threaded, internally threaded, unthreaded, and the diameter may range from 1 to 25 mm.

Approachable & accessible – One-sided process makes it maneuverable to weld in hard to reach areas. The welder needs not to buckle himself to make a secure effective weld thus makes it an accessible process.

Hole-free – No need to make any hole to fasten the stud. It makes the process clean and removes the chance of leaking and weakening of the sheet. The leak-free process prevents corrosion and makes it neat, clean & durable.

Pace – A quick fastening method that can deploy for a large scale project. The machine can weld up to eight studs per minute manually. The process can be automated fully or partially. The automation can be in the entire process or for a certain stage of the project as per the requirement for speed, accuracy, appearance, and budget.

Ease – The process is very easy to master, even a novice can perform with this equipment comfortably with excellent results.

The shape of parent metal – No distortion is seen to the base/parent metal in the welding process.

Labor cost – It reduces drastically as the process of pre-drilling, punching, and riveting is omitted here. The process becomes fast and reduces the cost of the project.

Types of Stud Welding Processes

Arc Stud Welding/Drawn Arc Stud welding

CD Stud welding/Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding

Drawn Arc Stud Welding

It is the most dependable fastening technique for the industries. It is a quick method to fasten any size or configuration of studs to a metal workpiece. The penetration is maximum to make the weld joint strong and reliable.

One-sided strong weld is imaginable with the base metal as thin as 0.048 inches and as fast as 0.06 second. A strong arc of stud welding is a possibility with DC power source, stud gun, metal stud, and ferrules sometimes. The ferrule is a disposable ceramic shield to contain the pool of molten metal.

stud gun

A metal stud is loaded in the chuck of the stud gun welder and a ferrule is placed at the end. It is time to plant the stud gun against the workpiece and press the trigger. DC supply on triggering signals the internal lift system of the gun to energize. It is time to lift the gun and draw the pilot arc. This arc makes up a path for the weld current. Complete the arc time which is directly proportional to the square area of surface need to be melted. 

The completion of the arc time makes the lift system de-energized and plunges the stud in the pool of molten metal. You may need a plunge speed stabilizer to decelerate the stud to minimize the splash. The metal stud and base metal solidify to and create a solid welding zone. Lift the stud gun welder and discard the ferrule used in the process.

The metal stud is embedded with flux, after vaporizing reacts with contaminants in the atmosphere to keep the welding zone clean.

Drawn Arc Stud Welding Advantages

  • There is a full cross-sectional weld to make the weld zone stronger than the base metal.
  • Vibration-proof weld resists from loosening, breaking, and weakening of the weld joint.
  • One-sided weld gives the engineer a design versatility and cosmetic appeal because the backside of the base metal is not marred even.
  • A fast and easy process as it avoids drilling, punching, tapping, and riveting.
  • Low labor costs as a single worker can complete the process.
  • Economical fabrication method to erect by duplicating the technique for a structure.
  • One can do the stud welding on painted surfaces by a small amendment.

Drawn Arc Stud Welding Applications

Automotive Industry – In automaton, the welding rate goes up to 50 studs per minute. The technique is used for power steering, dashboard components, insulation, instruments penal, lighting system, exhaust system, brakes, and electrical wire router.

Farm Equipment Industry – It is useful in assembling the brackets, fenders, spreaders, cabs, shrouding, wiring, thresher teeth, and hose management parts.

Lawn and Garden Equipment – Uses for mowers, tractors, and seeders.

Construction Equipment Industry – Uses for cover plates, wiring & hose management parts, and nonskid devices.

Appliances Industry – Commercial dishwashers, bottle washers, cooking equipment, girdle plate assemblies.

Furniture Industry – Metal household, office, and lawn furniture with shelves and racks.

Fabricated Assemblers – The process used for barbecue equipment, plumbing apparatus, insulation, and heating enclosure, ventilation, air conditioning, and water storage units.

Industrial Equipment Industry – It is used to assemble enclosure, flow indicators, material handling equipment, cover plate, power transformer tanks, and transducers.

Shipbuilding – Uses for hatch covers, wire management devices, and insulation attachment.

Building and Bridges – Can not be completed without drawn arc stud welding. The bridges are fused with the road by studs only.

Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding (CD Stud Welding)

We design capacitor discharge stud welding to weld small-diameter, lightweight, thin metal sheets. It is possible to complete the weld cycle in 0.01 seconds on the thin metal up to 0.02 inches. The speed of the weld has minimum heat buildup leading to very little distortion, burning, and discoloration of base metal. They designate this method for a project when appearance is a critical feature.

Cruxweld CD Stud Welder

CD stud welding uses a storage system of a capacitor to generate a rapid electrical discharge. The fastening process is wonderful for mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We do not use here flux or ferrules. The stud welder kit is an essential part.

To initiate CD stud welding we load a stud in the stud gun welder and position it against the workpiece. The stored energy of the capacitor is discharged instantaneously through the projection of the stud. The current density is so high to vaporize the tip and create a gap that allows an arc production. This hot arc melts the stud and mother metal and then two pieces are forced together to make a joint on cooling.

As the technique produces minimal marking on the backside, it is suited best for cosmetic applications.

CD Stud Welding Advantages

  • High integrity welding on thin gauge metal sheets.
  • It can weld dissimilar metal without many metallurgical issues.
  • Attractive joint with a minimal burn.
  • One-sided welds without reverse side dimples.
  • Cosmetically acceptable method.
  • Fast process and eliminates hole preparation, punching, tapping, drilling, and riveting.
  • An economical process as one person can complete the project.

Capacitor-Discharge Stud Welding Applications

Offering the prompt mode of fastening a compact unit with little distortion, the process is widely accepted for the following industries:

  • Electrical housewares like cookers, frying pans, oven assemblies, kettles, and microwave guides.
  • Jewelry like pins and earrings.
  • Cookware as utensils, pans, pots, and handles.
  • Hardware in the form of cleats, brackets, and tool handles.
  • Metal art is possible with it.
  • Electrical and electronic devices, components, pumps, terminals, communication devices, and electronic systems.
  • Commercial doors, escutcheon plates & insulation.

We will review the Five best stud welders Cutlass Pinto pin/stud welder, Nelson’s Nelweld N800i, Cruxweld CSD-25, Stud pro 2500xi, LYNX4 Modular Stud Welding System available one by one so that you can conclude with ease to shop the same for your project.

1. Cruxweld CSD-25 

Drawn arc stud welding machines are thyristors based stable, and compact in one case. They are making a reliable method of fastening for the varied thickness from 3mm to 25 mm. The penetration of metal with stud is high and makes a stable and strong joint. The joint by virtue is stronger than the base metal.

Drawn Arc Stud Welder CSD-25

The stud gun welder is long enough to make it convenient to work at a height with a wonderful result in fastening. The scrutiny of the machine makes it visible that it will suit to weld the building bridges, high-rise buildings, shipbuilding, pipe, and conduit.

The machine has passed through many tests for quality before they offer it to the customer. The machine, stud gun, and accessories are possible to customize for the specific need of the client. 

Technical Data and Specifications:

  • Welding stud range – 3mm -25mm
  • Input Voltage – 3 Phase, 415 Volts, 50/60 Hz
  • KVA rating – 120
  • Welding Current Max. – 2500 Ampere
  • Welding gun – Gap gun
  • Cooling – Air-cooled
  • Weight – 280kg
  • Dimension – 1000 L, 610 W, 840 H


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Heavy Duty
  • Work on any metal
  • Large industry
  • Heavy fabrication
  • Making Bridges


  • Heavyweight
  • Not portable
  • Cannot work on thin metal
  • Need a high power supply

2. Nelson’s Nelweld N800i

The model of welder is a portable, compact, powerful inverter-based stud welder. It is the third generation, up to date, reliable ambassador of Nelson stud welder. It has a compact design with lighter weight with a higher output of up to 800 amperes. Adjustment of voltage from 50 to 800 amperes gives freedom to securely weld stud in its full size from diameter 3-10 mm.

Nelweld N800i

The equipment is additionally equipped with a shielding gas module for a better result. A two years warranty or 1,000,000 stud weld is offered. 

This welding system is supported with a drawn arc welding system. It is compact, lightweight, and allows a single person to carry and complete the project. It can deliver 50% more power than the others. This equipment is capable of driving more cable up to 100-600 feet.

Technical Data

  • Power stack  –  Inverter type with continuous control of current
  • Input power  –  Three-phase 200-575volts, 50/60Hz
  • Welding current  –  50-800amperes, continuously adjustable
  • Welding time  –  5ms-100ms, continuously adjustable
  • A Full-size diameter of the welding  –  3mm-12mm
  • Shield gas  –  Integrated model
  • Duty ratio  –  3%
  • Controller  –  2x microprocessor
  • Display  –  Two rows each wit six digits matrix keyboard
  • Cooling  –  Air-cooled
  • Weight  –  21kg
  • Measurement w, h, t  –  250, 340, and 535mm


  • Compact, portable.
  • Reliable
  • Equipped with shielding gas
  • Welding cable can be 100-600feet
  • Two years warranty
  • 50% more power supplied
  • Stud welder gun stability


  • Installing need an expert
  • Power setting slightly difficult

3. Cutlass Pinto Stud Welder 

This stud welder is a portable, reliable, powerful, and light welding system. It was created specifically for the insulation industry as a lightweight and sturdy pin welding system. They equip the front panel with a rotary switch to control the voltage from 1 to 6 positions.

Cutlass Pinto Stud Welder

The controller has a capacity to weld 10ga and 12ga insulation pin. The capacitor discharge is using a stud welder gun PKM-1D which is lighter, stronger, and ergonomically capable of withstanding the rigors of continuous use in the industry.

They equip the welder with round cable, clamp, and circuit breaker. They make the chassis and body from rugged steel. The specification of the model is weight 13.3 kg, Height 9 inches, width 9.5 inches, and length 12 inches.

Technical Data

  • Power supply – 120/240 volts, 50/60 Hz
  • Fusion – 6/4 Ampere circuit breaker 
  • Stud capacity – 10ga & 12 ga
  • Weld rate – 12 studs/minute
  • Mode – contact
  • Charge – Ranges from 80vdc to 200vdc
  • Stud gun welder cable – 8 meters
  • Ground cable – 5 meters


  • Compact and portable
  • Sturdy equipment
  • Lighter but strong
  • Designed for the insulation industry


  • Not universal equipment

4. Stud Pro 2500xi

This stud welder is a preferred model for all facets of the steel fabricating industry. They load the equipment with a touchscreen interface with preset values for accurate, prompt, and repeatable settings in the welding process. It is a plug and plays set in the machine for 110V or 220V inputs.

Stud Pro 2500xi

The body is strong and rugged and will resist loosening, breaking, and damaging the stud welder. It is supplied with a stud welder kit as well.

Contact & trigger indicators in the moment of troubleshooting of hand tools and cables. Thermal and voltage protection indicators can protect poor and over input power issues. The body is made from rugged metal and designed ergonomically for the comfort of the user. Adjustable internal springs are there for the correct pressure for fixing.

It works very well for stud size 2 mm – 10 mm. The metal of choice here is mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum.

Technical Features & Data

  • Weld range – 14ga-1/4inches
  • Duty cycle – 18 fasteners/minute
  • Weld energy – 1520
  • Capacitance – 76000
  • Primary power – 15 Ampere 110Vac @50/60 HZ 7.5 Ampere 220Vac @50/60 HZ
  • Weight – 18lbs
  • Dimension – 14.00″ L, 10.50″ W, 11.50″ H
  • Stud gun welder cable – 4.25 feet
  • Ground cable – 4.15 feet


  • Rugged body
  • Resist any damage
  • Touch screen control
  • Easy maintenance
  • Inbuilt voltage protection
  • Compact and delicate design


  • Extra sensitive
  • Do not start at low voltage

5. LYNX4 Modular Stud Welding System

A very stable and compact stud welder with 5/16″ welding capacity. Microprocessor controlled modular machine with high output transformer and better-charging circuit. It has a facility to find the fault in installing and working. They lace the Modular machine with a stud welder gun, ground cable, collet, changeover tools, and its case.


It is better to use a bench top or in the automation process. The micro-controller continuously makes the model up to date. Remote triggering is available with this model. The welding quality is at par excellence with this model.

The machine used in various industries where the quality of a weld is the consideration. It can weld a stud of M3 – M8 diameter.

Technical Data and Specifications

  • Contact/gap stud welder gun supply
  • Welding capacity is 4-5/16″ or M3-M8 diameter
  • Weight 25 lbs
  • Dimensions are 12″,12″,5″ of the control unit.
  • Capacitance 81000uf
  • Step-less voltage regulation 50 -195.
  • Mains voltage 115/230, 50/60HZ Internally switchable
  • Heat resistance Type F transformer


  • Microcontroller based
  • Best for automation
  • Compact and reliable
  • Heat resistant


  • Installation need expert help
  • Bad in a temperate environment

Buyer’s Guide

The process used in the project – Specify the project and conclude the stud welder to complete your project. The size of the project, the nature of metal, and appearance will decide the nature of the welding machine. Keep in mind that this is not the last project. What may be your future need is equally important to decide the stud welding machine. 

Output – The rated output of the stud welder, guides us to make a choice for the project. The bigger the project more is the rated output of the machine. The voltage and ampere of a power source generated at the duty cycle of the equipment are to consider

Type of manufacturer – The manufacturers are three types, make to stock, make to assemble, and make to order. The manufacturer “make to stock” is better. They always have stock. They make a wonderful quality product and complete all the testing and trials. The shelf inventory helps to buy the genuine quality of the stud welding machine.

Maintenance – Examine the body of the welder, if it is strong and rugged, it will not produce early corrosion. The company assurance and track of better after-sales service will be a guide. The breakdown with no or delayed maintenance will lead to business loss.

Rental option – If your project is very short and may not be repeated then the rental option may be better for you. Few brands offer the rental service of fixing the studs for your project.

Ease of procurement and communication – The chosen stud welder should be available in your area. The communication flows should be smooth. It will help in the purchase, installation, and post-sale needs of the buyer. 

Ethical, regulatory compliance – Examine the supplier of the machine. Try to determine whether the manufacturer is following the regulatory advice. This is a parameter for the better quality of the machine.


We reviewed with you the details about the stud welding, its type like Drawn arc, and the Capacitor Discharge stud welding process. Both processes have specific indications. We know the advantages and limitations of both the processes by now. There is no guide or parameter with me to decide the equipment for your project. 

It is time to examine the project in your hand in detail. The size of the metal, thin or thick, the budget, the end product appearance, and time in hand to complete the project.

My suggestion here is if your project requires thin metal, small studs, dissimilar metals, artwork, crockery, and jewelry then you can depend upon  Stud pro 2500xi. The projects with thick sheets and big diameter studs like heavy fabrication, bridges, furniture, automotive industry, shipbuilding, piping, is best executed by  Cruxweld CSD-25.

We are available for any required details to choose the welding machine.

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