Circumferential Seam Welder

Cruxweld circumferential seam welders have one or two motor-driven wheels that rotate to create a continuous weld on sheet metal parts to achieve leakproof work. Electric current is passed through these copper rollers, and the parts to be welded are pressed between them. The resistance of the electrode roll generates heat, and the welding materials are joined continuously.
The focus is on ease of use with high quality, robustness, high precision, and repeatability of the seam welding machine. The main body and base are made of heavy-gauge structural steel to maintain strength and extend the service life. Cruxweld seam welding machines are designed as a complete solution for sealed line welds. Each one is equipped with a best-in-class controller and a servo-motorized motion axis for precise control and stable performance.
Seam welding is different from spot welding and projection welding. Because spot welding and projection welding is a static welding processes while seam welding is a continuous welding process through movement. The great thing about a seam welder is that it creates a clean weld without any gas or welding fumes. There is also no need to use filler material. Welding materials can be airtight and liquid-tight and can be used in various fields.
The seam welding process is a completely automatic and highly reproducible welding process. In addition, the seam welding machine can perform single-seam welding and parallel seam welding at the same time, improving production efficiency. Also, compared to spot welding and projection welding, it is possible to finely adjust the overlapping part.