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Inverter Welding Machine  

It is interesting to know that how a welding machine works by inverter technology. The inverter is actually an electronic system which regulates the voltage. The AC power supply in the case of the Inverter welding machine converts to a low usable output voltage. The obvious advantage of inverter welder is its size which is very compact, light in weight, portable which can be easily transported in a briefcase. They are sleek as the used transformers are very small, compact and durable.


  • We find the inverter welders are better as they produce a much more stable arc as compared to the arc by DC transformer welders.
  • The inverter welders are more efficient, portable and have a more stable arc.
  • The welding output on DC polarity is a better option than AC polarity which is always a second option in the welding process. The DC welding is a far better option over Alternating Current once we are welding steel with a smooth and very stable arc. In DC welding the start is much easier, few arc outages, minimal spatter. The DC welder is very good in the vertical welding and overhead welding process.
  • The inverter welder by nature is such a handy thing that it can run on a generator even. The need for 160 amp output maybe 7-8 kVA and for output of 200 amp.the generator capacity maybe 8-10 kVA.

Difference between an Electrical Transformer and an Inverter

We find these both perform the same functions. The alternating current or AC electricity may be increased or decreased from one voltage to another by the transformer. The inverter may take direct current or DC electricity as an input and produce AC as their output.

The inverter welder that run 115 volts can produce the ampere 140 and which in turn can weld up to 1/4 inch thick metal sheet. The welder with 200 ampere needs a voltage of 220 which in turn can weld up to 1/2 inch of steel plate.

How Inveter WeldingMachine is Energy Saver?

The saving of the money is directly proportional to the reduced spending of electricity in the welding process. The inverter welder is the answer to this saving by consuming less power in the welding process.

The following are the reasons how the energy being saved by inverter welder.

  • The inverter power transformer uses ferrite cores which in turn reduces current losses and making lower idle current for conductors.
  • The inverter transformer has smaller coils, so less wire wrapping around the core means fewer losses and greater efficiency.
  • The components are designed in such a way to reduce the losses and increase the operating life.
  • The copper conductor has higher thermal conductivity and better efficiency.
  • The operation at a higher frequency than conventional machine thus less output inductance help in smooth operation.
  • The size and design of compact machine need shorter leads and cables help to lower resistance and better efficiencies of inverter welder.
  • The smaller size of the components in inverter welder dissipate less heat and make it more efficient.
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