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How Welding Tractor Help To Save Money and Manpower?

The welding tractor provides automation, high speed, and quality production process to improve the accuracy, reliability, and uniformity for a multitude of applications. Each passing year brings advances in control technology that improves welding control, consistency, capability, and speed. The automated options for the welders where the application is difficult can mitigate health risks, workspace is limited, and weld in challenging positions. The main goal of an automated system is to reproduce the versatile, articulated capabilities of welding personnel. The automation improves on human capability by improving process consistency. It eliminates the subtle differences that result in different techniques and the variations that result from fatigue and distractions.


In fabrication productivity is everything, anytime you have the opportunity to make your welding process more efficient and more cost-effective, you should consider that direction, and welding tractors does exactly that. We will discuss here how the welding tractor makes your life easier and you can save money and manpower by using the equipment. This equipment is most commonly used in shipbuilding, tank welding, power generation, oil, and general fabrication industries. We will discuss the following three reasons to improve life using the welding tractor.


1 Efficiency: The welding tractors can cut the cost significantly. The starter can reduce the cost by reworking the material. This is due to the fact that a welding tractor assists in producing more consistent welding and less likely to make an error during the process. In this process, the parameters like, arc length, travel speed, and oscillation primarily remains constant thus reducing distortion in the material which means you won’t have to spend any time on rework like grinding, gouging and buffing, etc. This will save the labor cost as the welder will be spending less time repairing the distorted areas and more time in producing quality welds. The labor cost is a major part of productivity, consistency, efficiency, and quality directly affect the cost. You can calculate and judge by yourself the cost efficiency once you use the welding tractor.


2 Consistent Quality: The use of welding tractor have more control over the weld which you want to produce, and the parameters you set will remain unchanged throughout the process of welding. Here you have the ability to control many aspects of the weld such as arc length, oscillation, travel speed, and even start and stops. The magnets are also built to allow vertical, overhead and pipe welding. Now you can calculate how much you save with no more rework done after welding. Instead of having multiple welders spending hours on an application, fewer welders can spend the same amount of time producing more and more weld. The quality is never a concern with an increase in efficiency and profitability. Here the welder can set up the welding tractor, set its parameters and let it run which allow them to move to the other areas of production while keeping the eye on the tractor in use. It also reduces the fatigue of the welders, keeps them away from the weld puddle, and harmful effects that come from daily exposure to welding. The welding tractors do not necessarily remove the welders completely but allow them to be more productive in areas they may not have had the opportunity before These benefits are achieved maintaining the semi-automated system along with the portability.


3 Portability: Most of the welding tractors are lightweight enough to be picked up by the welder. They are perfect for an operation such as shipyard, pipe yards, trailer yards, skids, vessel shops, job shops and filed welding where many of the welding processes take place over a large area. Once the welding is finished by a welder at one place, he can pick up the tractor to the next work piece while the previous work piece moves on to the next step of production. This allows the tractor to be transferred from site to site if need be. The tractor being portable allows more flexibility in how and where you complete your welding projects sites. The convenient weight of the tractor allows the welder to adjust the position of it easily without any need of extra equipment. The tractors area solution to hard automation that will integrate seamlessly into your welding process, giving you added benefits efficiency and consistency, but they are not for every welding application.


If you want more information on welding tractors as they are useful in your welding needs, you can contact us, we will be assisting you for your need of welding tractor.

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