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What is Welding?

Welding History The welding is a technique used to join the metallic parts with the application of heat. In olden time iron used to manipulate into useful shapes like welded blade-shaped by Arab armors at Damascus Syria as a sword. The

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Spot Welding

The spot welding is one of the very old processes of welding. It used to be a choice of welding in industries where the overlapping of the sheets of metal requires like steel vehicle bodies. This process of welding primarily

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Welder with Generator

Welding Generator The welding is being faced by unique challenges and one of them is worksite with no power back up or unreliable and erratic power back up. This situation is quite prevalent in India and other parts of the

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Welding Types

At the beginning of the journey to learn welding more the information, the more it becomes easy. Every possible information available about the welding types that exist and how easy or difficult they are to learn may be a help to

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Stud Welder

What is Stud Welding? Stud welding named to technique akin to flash welding. A fastener or specially designed nut is welded to another metal surface, a base metal /substrate. These fastener can be of different shape and characters like threaded,

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MIG welding – The basics & then some

Understanding the Basics of MIG Welding The Mig welding began to develop around the turn of the 19th century with the discovery of the electric arc in 1800 by Humphry Davy. In the year 1880, the technology was taken for industrial use. In the initial

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MIG Welding Shielding Gas Basics

The oxygen needed to be kept away from the weld pool as it may lead to oxidation at the welding site. The shielding gas is the answer to the problem of oxidation as the shielding gas will replace the oxygen-containing

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A Guide to Aluminum Welding Process

Characteristics- The Aluminium color is light gray to silver, but dull at oxidation but very bright once polished. This metal is very light in weight, soft, and with a minimum strength which can easily be cast, machined, forged, formed and welded.

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How a Plasma Cutter Works

Why Plasma Cutter?   Modern industries need metals to manufacturer the equipment required for different tooling and transportation needs in today’s time. The applications like cars, cranes, robots, skyscrapers and suspension bridges where metals and their alloys are used precisely for these industries. The

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