10 Common Technical Mistakes New Welder make and How to prevent

The welder need in industries an essential for industrial growth in India and worldwide in modern days a tool for the growth all over. The welding is a great trade but also a dangerous trade, and some technical mistakes can be devastating and dangerous for welder. These mistakes may not be easy to fix and could lead on to serious consequences like the failure in the machinery, ruined material, injury, or even death. Some mistakes are okay as they “help you learn” category can be fixed with a grinder, torch etc. Every now and then we hear of someone getting maimed or killed -causing someone else to be injured or killed because of technical mistake Making mistakes is a part of life, but at some time and point you learn that there are mistakes that you should never be made. The welders may sometime make mistakes which can be disastrous. To make welding a pleasant experience there are 10 welding mistakes you never want to make.
1 Not Cleaning the Surfaces: You must clean the weld surfaces before you start working on them. The dirty surfaces lead on to bad welds and other issues which can be avoided by merely cleaning the surfaces.
2 Wrong Safety Equipment: Wrong or even worse, not wearing any safety equipment at all. One must use all prescribed safety equipment mentioned with the user manual of the machine.
3 Procuring the Wrong Welder/Welding machine: We all want to save money but buying the wrong machine to save the money will not help in the long run. You should know beforehand what sort of welding project you are going to work on and decide the welder accordingly to avoid disaster in the project.
4 Incorrect Setting on your Welder/Welding machine: The too high or too low voltage setting may lead on to disastrous results with your welds and may lead on to no welding or sloppy look welding.
5 Not Maintaining the Welding Equipment: The equipment can last for years if it is properly maintained before and after use. The wire feeder parts like liner, contact tip to change at a prescribed time is the example to maintain the equipment.

6 Control of Weld Travel Speed: The travel speed of welding have to keep at a steady pace as fast or slow movements of the hand may lead on to ugly and improper results.

7 Lack in Knowledge of Base Metal: The know-how of the base metal makes it easier to understand the machining capability of the metal and how the weld will affect the base metal. It should determine whether preheating or post-heating is required in the base metal to produce better welding quality.
8 The Wrong Gas Selection: It is tempting to purchase the cheapest gas available, we get a better result with mixed gas. The wrong gas may produce poor weld quality.
9 Striking the Arc Incorrectly: The arc should be stroked on the exact spot that we begin the weld in the crater of a bead that has already created.
10 Not Relaxing: We should focus on the task but with steady relax hand as a tense hand will get you nowhere. One had better control over the weld pool with a relaxed hand than with a tense hand.

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