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Robotic Plasma Cutting and Plasma Cutting Table – A Boon

Robotic welding machines in India for varied uses in industries are manufactured at Cruxweld with the best of international standards. The modern days’ industries are in need of the Robotic welding machine for competitiveness.

The Robotic Application

It will cut production and labor cost and will improve the quality of the product in any industry. The cutting process uses a gas jet charged at a great speed to cut the metal up to six inches thick at a very high temperature. The robotic plasma cutting has numerous advantages like :

A Wider Range of Material & thickness

The robotic welding machine can make a precise cut in a variety of metals and a big range of thicknesses. The plasma cutter uses Nitrogen to cut steel, aluminum, and other metals.

The Speed of Cut

The Robotic cutter is five times faster than the traditional cutter, manual torches, and are able to cut up to 500inches per minute.


The robotic system is not just limited to cutting only, they can be incorporated in gauging, lining up material perfectly.

Ease in Use

The robot need very little training and it is really user-friendly.


The gas used in the robotic application is not highly inflammable thus eliminate the safety hazard.

Economical Application

The robotic plasma cutting is a cost-effective, less expensive application then laser or water-jet cutting.
Keeping the Material Cool: The plasma cutting robotics system can keep the surfaces of material cool despite operating at a very high temperature.

The Plasma Cutting Table – One Stop Solution for Better Production

The selection of a plasma cutting table is such that it reduces the operation cost of the company keeping in mind the quality and capacity of the cutting. It should have a CNC interface and internal voltage dividers thus increasing the capability of the equipment. It should have a smooth and clean edge to prevent additional work. The plasma cutting table should provide greater flexibility to the entire production. There are few industries where the tables are very useful.

The construction sector

Here they are used for cutting a number of thing like brackets, parts of fencing and others. It can cut water slides, electrical boxes and used in the mining industry for cutting repetitive articles.

The Transportation Sector

The automobile and tractor industries require cutting of the customized metal parts. These can be used in fabricating lighting brackets and essential parts in storage boxes manufacturing and many more parts customized for the vehicles of their clients.

Display sector in Metal Art and Custom

The CNC is the preferred tool for the metal artists. They design it freely and cut the metal sheet accordingly to save a lot of labor of repetitive work of experienced artists.


These companies know a lot about the advantages of plasma tables and can minimize a lot of troubles that any company faces.
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