7 Mistakes in MIG Welding and their Prevention

We are MIG welding machine manufacturers for quality machines in India. The MIG welding offers a battery of benefits for productivity, performance, and quality in welding. We can improve the performance of MIG welding by taking steps to avoid the commonest mistakes related to MIG gun and consumables thus producing a positive impact on productivity and save money through reduced consumable waste. The MIG welding machine manufacturers finds that following are the commonest mistakes:

1The Liner length is improper- The commonest issue is the liner being cut a too short and wrong length of the liner may lead on to drive roll to push the wire forwards and produce oscillation in arc length. The free space in the conduit may result in chatter in MIG gun. We should use a liner gauge as a guide to prevent this complication. the MIG gun should be as straight as possible without a twist while installing a gun liner and welding cable as flat and straight as possible during welding will ensure the smooth feeding and best welding.
2 Bad Ground- The arc can become erratic when there is no solid ground there in MIG welding. This may lead on to heat buildup in front of the gun leading to a shortened life of the contact tip and other front end consumables impacting the quality of welding. The ground cable placing nearest to the weldment is the solution if that is not possible then hook the ground cable to a bench for the better result in welding.
3The Overheated Consumables- The overheated consumables like a liner, contact tip, and nozzle can be a source of many problems. The gun’s duty cycle, right contact tip and proper wire stick out can keep the consumable cooler and limit the vibrations in the gun thus reduce the burn back issue. The too long stick out of wire is not desirable while too short of stick out can lead on to overheat and burn back and wire sticks which shorten the life of consumables significantly.

4 Poor Power cable Management- Never pull the welding machine around using the power cable. Once the gun is hot the then everything is more pliable so yanking and pulling can stretch the cable or liner and even conduit to pull away from the gas pin resulting in shielding gas issue. It is advisable to let the gun cool in a flat position rather than hanging or draping the gun with a cloth which may lead on to bending of the conduit, once cooling happen can lead on to misshapen and lead on to marginal shielding gas coverage. Take care to lay the gun properly and let it cool.

5 Improper Voltage or Wire feed speed-  The too high voltage setting can create too much heat in the handle of the gun which in turn can wreak havoc on the contact tip. The high speed in wire feeder can lead on to pile up instead of melting properly into the weld pool. The too slow speed of wire feeder does not feed the weld pool without a proper penetration for a quality weld. Always follow the MIG welding machine manufacturers recommendations for the proper voltage and wire feed speed.
6 Wrong Selection of the Gun- Always choose the proper gun for that particular application with proper amperage capacity and enough duty cycle. Suppose you require to weld at 300 amps all day and you choose a 200 amp gun with 30 or 40 percent duty cycle, this gun will not be up to the task and may lead on to overheating and shortening of the life of the gun. The gun with high amperage rating and duty cycle can also take breaks to let the gun and consumables cool to help avoid gun overheating. The change in the shielding gas may lead on to reduce the heat at the weld zone.
7 Issues with Drive Rolls- The size and type of the wire to be used are factors to decide the proper drive rolls. The wrong drive rolls may produce erratic or poor wire feeding in MIG welding for example in flux cored wire need a knurled drive roll that has teeth which can grab the wire and help push it through. The solid wire needs U groove or V groove drive roll. The setting of the proper drive roll tension is another step or the proper wire feeding and welding by MIG welding machine manufacturers.

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