Reasons, Why You Should Opt for Rental Welding Machines

The aim is to select the right machine for the task helps you complete jobs more profitably and faster. The following questions and guidelines can help ensure you make choose between rental and purchase. Almost every contractor and construction company need welding and cutting machines on rental basis. A fast track job suddenly demands more arcs than you own, your existing machine is down or maybe you want to test a new product before purchasing. Whatever may be the situation, selecting the right machine for the task helps you to complete the job faster with profitability. These guidelines may help you to ensure the best choice in deciding the rental equipment.

Availability of Primary Power: If primary power is available renting an electric arc is the low cost best option. However, Greenfield construction sites, mines, highways, quarries, equipment yards, etc frequently do not have electricity for which an engine-driven welding generator is a choice as own welding output and auxiliary power. Be sure and decide if the job requires an engine drives with a lot of auxiliary power as some engine can provide a wide variety of auxiliary power options – 3000 to 20000 watts. This is a very economical way of putting two arcs on a single site or creating welding and cutting fabrication shop on the field.

Job and Welding Process: TIG or Stick welding steel requires a constant current with a DC output machine. Any type of MIG or wire welding is best done with a constant voltage with a DC output machine. The wire weld in the field uses suitcase-style portable feeders. Their tough metal or plastic case fully encloses the spool of wire and internal components, shielding them from the dust and other contaminants. The welding technology continues to evolve quickly so renting can be a good way to try the most recent in advancement.

Amperage for the Job: The heavy-duty construction applications like structural steel may demand running of a large diameter of stick or electrode. Larger electrode needs a machine with high amperage ranging from 350 amp to 600 amp. The lighter-duty construction, fabrication can often use smaller diameter electrodes that require less power with roughly a 40 to 300 amp output suffices for these jobs. The plasma cutter capacity can be judged by the guidelines where a 25 amp can cut 3/8 in steel,  55 amp can cut steel up to 7/8in, an 80 to 100 amp units cut 1-1/4 in. steel.

The Need of Portability: The traditional arc welder is the choice if you do not need to move your job. But if you need to move the machine a lot and also moving between the sites with different power, renting of an inverter-based welding machine makes better sense as the inverter can provide up to 600 amp of welding output yet weigh only 30 kg to 60 kg. These inverter machines are so small, as a small rack holding six inverters still fit into a freight elevator. If the operator work on the scaffolding or inside a tank, rent a remote control so that the operator can fine-tune the amperage without returning to the machine’s front panel. Thus remote control can contribute to a better quality of welding and operator satisfaction.

Operator Familiar with the Equipment: Some operators have never seen that model before and do not know how to use the equipment. It makes sense to rent a welding machine with the simplest operator interface.

The Need of Many Arcs in One Area: The multi arc welding machine reduce the job site clutter, cost of transportation, cost of maintenance and fuel thus reducing the cost per arc. The multi-arc options include dual operator’s engine drives that power two independently controlled arcs from a single diesel engine. The inverter rack that house 4 to 6 inverter machines like MIG, TIG and Plasma and heavy-duty systems that power 6 to 8 welding arc from a single transformer.

Excessive Noise by Engine: If we are in need to lower noise in urban areas then a quiet engine drives are available. An engine drives that produce 75DB at 23 ft is considered a quiet engine. The canopy can be used to make the engine completely quiet.

Easy Maintenance: Can we easily check the fluid levels and access to filters? Can you drain the oil without worrying about the spill? The easy and convenient maintenance may a prerequisite to renting equipment.

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