Resistance Welding Equipment- Butt Welder-Rod Butt Welder, supplier in India and overseas, the best quality and strength of resistance welding machines. The process is welding is automatic. The end of the wire is prepared by the special shearing process. The welding current and pressure are preset according to the size of the wire. The wire ends are rigidly clamped by a special quick acting clamp and viewed through illuminating magnifying glasses to view the wire ends. The pushing of the button initiates the welding process which is completed automatically by built-in control. Once weld is completed the job is declamped. The automatic process leads on to uniform and high tensile strength in the wire. The specially designed grooved electrodes permit rapid and accurate alignment of wire. The current is controlled by a rotatory switch. The raw material used for the manufacturing of this equipment is world class standard. Our supply chain deliver the equipment so fast across India

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