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Six effective tips for selecting the best welding machine manufacturer in India

The best welding machine manufacturer in India is a task to overcome.The welding is a permanent joining process of two metals or thermoplastics by fusion through the application of heat & /or pressure at the point of welding. The filler material is used in some to give strength to the bond between two parts which need joining. The welding machine manufacturers globally produce and sell various machines, accessories, consumables, safety and protective gears to facilitate the welding process and protect the user. As per the latest market report, the global welding equipment market is expected to grow by USD2.39 billion during the forecast period 2018-2022. We have such a big market for welding equipment globally. The users are increasing exponentially with the passage of time. We have to find out the tips for the purchaser to decide which equipment and manufacturers suits his needs at best welding machine manufacturer.


The following tips may help to choose the best welding machine manufacturers in India.


1. Type of manufacturer: There are mainly three types of manufacturers, make to stock, make to order and make to assemble. The manufacturers who make to stock is a better bet as they may be having available stock and make equipment with some sets of the standard. The more productivity in manufacturing makes it profitable and relatively better quality product in a welding machine. We should judge the turnover of the company to decide the quality of the machine.


2. The quality control: The quality of the machine is the mainstay of the product. If products are not made with the consistent quality the company can not survive. The customer experience must be positive. We can try to find out the company’s  NSIC, trust seal, ISO certificate, C certification and other quality parameters to check the quality of the machine.


3. Good design: The manufacturers must ensure that the machine is well designed to beat the competitors. The product stands out when designed with quality and innovation. The constant innovation in designing is required to make it very competitive and effective.


4. Cost Effectiveness: The cost-effective in welding machine is as essential as quality. Without being cost-effective the product will fall flat and jeopardize the company to the bottom line.


5.Ease of procurement and communication: The manufacturers should be situated in an area which can be easily accessible. The communication with the team should be in your language so that you can clearly mention your requirement and issues of post-sale service.


6. Ethical and regulatory compliance: The manufacturer must be the person who respects all the regulation by the regulatory authority and should follow the ethical practice.
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