Drawn Arc Stud Welder

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The robust construction of the CSD series drawn arc stud welding machine can be used in harsh environments. Fast, highly accurate, and easy to operate, the Cruxweld stud welder welds up to 10-12 studs per minute with precision control for superior accuracy and stability, providing superior welding results.


With our powerful CSW Series Stud Welders, every stud fixing is super easy!

The CSD series are high-performance arc stud welding systems designed and built by Cruxweld. These drawn arc stud welding machines are efficient, robust, easy to handle with braked wheels, and have the ability to weld in different locations depending on your requirements. Ideal options for fixing large diameter mild and stainless steel studs to sheet metal.

The Cruxweld legacy stud welding machine is suitable for studs from 6 up to 25mm and allows a maximum current of 2500A. With a time-setting range of up to 2000 ms, this compact machine offers the possibility of flexible applications and robust housing in addition to operational safety. 


  • Suitable for stud diameters 6 – 25 mm.
  • Significant energy savings of up to 35%.
  • High welding current up to 2500A.
  • Continuously adjustable 100-2500 amps.
  • Timing control 15-2000 milliseconds, stepless.
  • Allow ±20% voltage fluctuation.
  • Accurate welding time and welding current adjustment.
  • Excellent short cycle performance in thick and thin base material.
  • Suitable for construction sites.
  • Ideal for mobile use – significantly less weight than conventional stud welding units.
  • Thanks to the innovative cooling concept, a high duty cycle and thus fast welding processes are insured.
  • The Cruxweld drawn arc welder offers the highest duty cycle, largest stud diameter, and longest cable length.
  • The trolley version of the CSD-2500 with two large, extremely robust, and detachable wheels and a telescopic handle is ideal for mobile use on construction sites.
  • Widely used in steel structure buildings, bridges, locomotives, shipbuilding, boilers, industrial furnaces and other fields.


Specifications CDS-2500
Welding range, mm 6 to 25
Rated input power, KVA 120
Maximum output current, A 2500
Welding current range, A 100-2500, continuously adjustable 
Welding method  Drawn arc (ceramic ferrule), short cycle
Main circuit Full bridge controlled rectifier
Control circuit Micro-processor controlled
Rated input current, A 162
Rated welding voltage, V 32 
Primary power, V 380/415v, 3ph, 50/60Hz
Welding time, sec 0.01-9.99
Length of weldable stud, mm ≤400
Efficiency, % 85
Degree of protection, class IP23
Insulation, class H
Welding material Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum 
Cooling Air cooled 
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 780x355x870
Weight, kg  130


CDS-2500 – Scope of Supply

1. Power source (1pc)
2. Stud gun complete set (1pc)
3. Grounding cable clamp (2pcs)
4. Chuck/collet and ceramic ring claw (4sets)
5. Crescent spanner (1pc)
6. Product manual


We are one of the leading Drawn arc stud welding machine and Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding Machine manufacturer in India. We find Drawn arc stud welding machine very useful in building bridges, high rise buildings. conduit and piping. They are also used in automotive, shipbuilding, electronics and electrical enclosure, metal industries etc.

The advantages of Drawn arc stud welding machine is welding strength which is more than the surrounding metal, no filler wire requires making it economical, production is very high, one-sided fastening gives ample space for designing, a semi-skilled person may operate the machine and cost of operation are reduced to the lowest.

Drawn arc stud welder used in a process where a metal stud is welded by the heating process of the arc to the workpiece. There happens to be a strong one-sided welding on base metals of different thickness from 3 mm to 25 mm. This process is the most reliable method of fastening to any size and configuration of stud welded quickly to the workpiece and provides high welding penetration and stability. The welding set is 50% lighter in weight as compared to the transformer type, the energy consumption is half than the traditional machines, the efficiency degree is high as it is inverter technology

What we do in stud welding is put the positive pole of power source on the workpiece. The required stud inserted into the stud welding gun to a position on the workpiece may be with ceramic ferrule to position it. We can start the welding process by lifting the stud. When stud lifted the low arc or pilot arc is drawn. The main arc produces between workpiece and stud. The ampere is adjusted as per diameter and cross-sectional area. At the completion of welding time, the stud is directed toward the workpiece. Now turn off the power source thus welding zone is cool down and solidify. We as welding machine manufacturers and are taking care of welding machine price which we supply to our clients.


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  1. P S Ramesh says:

    Please quote the price for upto 25mm stud welding.

    1. We will do the needful.

  2. Anurag Saxena says:

    Please confirm the price. Can we use this Stud welder for 22mm diameter studs?

    1. Ramakant Sharma says:

      Yes, it is available for 22mm diameter studs. Please provide your email ID and contact details for a formal quote.

      1. Anurag Saxena says:

        Thank you for your response. My procurement team will contact you soon.

    2. Gorang Patel says:

      I need to weld 10mm shear studs but my base metal thickness is 12mm, can I weld with CD Stud Welder?

      1. Ramakant Sharma says:

        Dear Gorang Patel, your job can be done with a drawn arc stud welder but not possible with a capacitor discharge stud welder.

  3. Rohan Singh says:

    Can I use this equipment on a generator?

    1. Ramakant Sharma says:

      Dear Rohan Singh,
      Yes, you can also operate it on a generator.

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    Require stud welding machine,suitable to weld 16mm diameter stud.

  6. Karma Tenzin says:

    I need to weld 16mm shear studs on 1.5mm deck sheet and my base metal thickness is 1.5mm, and I am using Inverter Arc STUD welder of specification STUD 2500, what should be the exact setting that i should input on the machine 0A to 2500A

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