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Welder with Generator

Welding Generator

The welding is being faced by unique challenges and one of them is worksite with no power back up or unreliable and erratic power back up. This situation is quite prevalent in India and other parts of the world.

Welding Generator

The welder with a generator uses gasoline, diesel, petrol, fueled engine incorporated to an electrical alternator to produce power to run ARC, TIG, MIG welding. These welders are typically used outdoors and can be transported and held on trucks or trailers. The auxiliary power generated with the generator can be a help to run power fans, air compressors, electrical tools, electric lights, blower, etc. This can be used as a backup generator outdoor as well.

Brands Available

The few of the welder with generators are available in the market. The brands available in the market are Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric, Tomahawk, Cruxweld, and Hobart champion. Every brand has unique features but Cruxweld has a universal appeal where the quality and cost of the equipment are making a balance. We provide a quality product with a very competitive cost. We have developed the AC and DC generators with shockproof components. They are designed meticulously stable and durable.

AC and DC generators

Features, a welder with generator

The twin operation of the welding generator is developed for the site like a construction site, erection site where the electric power supply is not available or sparsely or erratically available. Our welding generators are easily transportable and can be made operational in record small time. The range of our equipment is from 200 to 400 amp with Engine capacity from 10 t0 22 HP. They have the capability of water or cooled both as per need. They can be started by manual hand cranking or battery automatic start The battery for the starting should be of a 12-volt dynamo. The auxiliary output will be 4kw – 230v with a circuit breaker. The used alternator here is semi brushless with remote current controller.


The design is such to fit for durability and long life. The switches are for low and high current usage. The equipment is designed for environmental protection for adverse situations. The inbuilt fuse of 10 amp is available for short circuit protection. The DC current is there to run the electrode as per the need of the user.


Our equipment has a high power output in comparison to other generators. The fuel capacity is very good and the machine is optimized to stick mode of welding. This is relatively light in weight and so can be moved from one to another place very easily. We have our latest testing unit to examine the range of generators that we manufacturer at our manufacturing plant.

Features of welding generators

What Makes us Different?

The welding generator is the appliance that is needed to provide continuity in the process of welding in the need for absence and erratic electric power supply. We have a range of portable generators who can run on petrol and diesel as well.

Portability – They are easy to carry, move and more easy to install at the site of utility. They are fixed with wheels to make it easy in transportability and wheels bear the weight of the welding machine.

Level of Noise – Keeping in view of the government regulations we have designed the machine such to produce less, minimal or no noise in the operation of the machine.

The wattage – The auxiliary wattage is good to run light, fan, grinder, and other hand tools.

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