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Honda Welding Generator - 220PN
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The Cruxweld Portable Welding Generator is a powerful 2-in-1 multi-purpose tool with AC and DC outputs, while the DC output provides a more stable arc, less spatter, faster deposition rate, and better weld metal penetration. And the AC output is used to power a range of electrical devices such as power tools, work lights, or backup power supplies, which is especially useful on construction sites. 


The Cruxweld 220PN Engine Driven Welder Generator does the job well. We have developed an industry-leading design that makes it smaller, lighter, and quieter than other welding generators in the segment. Apart from the advanced welding generator, you can also rely on the generator’s reliable clean power source to power various tools such as an angle grinder, compressor, drill, light, etc.
If you work in an environment where access to electricity is difficult, the solution, in this case, could be to use an engine-powered welder. The Cruxweld 220PN Welding Generator is a reliable, high-quality product specifically designed for welding and power generation simultaneously or separately. 
The Cruxweld 220PN gasoline engine-powered welding power supply offers the flexibility of electric or manual start. The more advanced alternator design provides ultra-smooth DC welding output, ensuring high efficiency, less maintenance, and longer machine life. Durable for harsh industrial environments – perfect for mechanical contractors, fabrication, maintenance, repair, and pipeline welding. Please contact us regarding this Honda welding generator price.

Check out the benefits: 

  • Compact, powerful, multi-tasking welding generator machine.
  • Ideal for anyone who needs portable DC welding and AC generator power.
  • Portable and integrated wheels make it easy to move.
  • AC auxiliary current and DC welding current can be used at the same time.
  • The sturdy tubular frame provides protection and easy handling.
  • Large capacity fuel tank for longer run time.
  • This is an economical way to save money compared to buying two separate pieces of equipment. 
  • Cellulose electrode capabilities.
  • Powerful, compact, and reliable engine.
  • Oil level sensor for low oil protection. 
  • Multiple protection systems to ensure safety – Automatically shuts off when the DC output is overloaded.
  • The performance is completely reliable, the starting is smooth, and the arc is stable.


Current range, continuous 40A – 220A
Duty cycle 220A – 60%
Rated voltage 36V
Open circuit voltage 75V
Welding rod capacity 2.5 – 4.0 mm
Max AC output 6.5/5.2 kVA/kW
Power phase Single
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Power factor 1.0
Insulation class H
Output socket 220/16 V/A
Engine model Honda GX390/Briggs & Stratton 2100
Engine type 4-stroke engine, OHV
Speed 3600 rpm
Cylinders 1
Displacement 442 cm3
Bore 88 mm
Stroke 64 mm
Compression ratio 8.2:1
Rating 8.7/11.7 KW/HP
Starting system Recoil/electric
Fuel type Petrol
Cooling Air-cooled
Fuel tank capacity 6.6 l
Fuel consumption 1.0 l/h.
Oil consumption 0.0048 kg/h.
Dry weight 31.5 kg
Protection degree IP23
Sound level 72 dB(A)
Recommended battery 12/44 V/Ah
Sound level 72 dB(A) @7m
Running time (welding 60%) 6 – 8 h
Housing Frame
Recommended battery 12/44 V/Ah
Dimensions L815 x W480 x H620 mm
Dry weight 76 kg


Portable welding generator – Welding Cum Generator Set – Petrol Operated best quality welding generators supplier and manufacturers in India. We are the pioneer in portable welding generators in India. The single unit where welding equipment is amalgamated with generators is a new need which was designed by us to make the machine customer-friendly where the welding process is there while generating the power is also there.

This equipment is very useful where power is an issue and for industrial work is hampered due to lack of power. The machine produces the power and welding on the same machine. This machine produces a super smooth arc leading up to the best, smooth, and most stable welding. This is a high-performance machine that produces up to the 400ampDC welding current. This is useful in construction sites, heavy fabrications, and cross-country where power is an issue. This may be useful in in-house pipe and tube welding in different industries. The petrol version is better as it produces less fumigates and so less polluted atmosphere.

The cold weather is the time when the petrol version works better. Our welding generators are specially designed for quality, reliability, and completeness. They are very useful for welding to mild steel, stainless steel, ferrous and nonferrous materials. We care about the welding process and make the quality of the welding for our clients in assembly work, pipe welding, repair, fabrications, maintenance, and other welding processes best.

Our machines are known for their quality in Indian big and small industries. We export our products to many different countries like Kenya, Bangla Desh, and Sri Lanka. The welding generators are very useful for the area where the electric power supply is an issue. The construction sites and maintenance sites are the venues for these machines to be installed for welding, power supply, hand tools, power tools, etc.

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        Petrol drewn welding gen set portable

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    Petrol drewn welding gen set portable

  13. Mushtaq mir says:

    Petrol welding gen set portable welding generator machine

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    I have a 250 A and 400A welders.
    Please suggest me the suitable model with full description and it’s price.

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