WeldEasy MIG 250A Built-in Wirefeeder

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The Cruxweld WeldEasy 250 MIG Welding Machine is a powerful welder with many advantages that make it a professional. This dual-function MIG and Stick welder is compact, portable, and easy to use on a single-phase power source with a built-in wire feeder. The WeldEasy 250 MIG welder is perfect for welding in the workshop and on-the-go welding.


Cruxweld has specially configured this MIG welding machine to achieve excellent welding results using a 230/240V x 16A household power supply.
This Cruxweld mig welding machine is a single-phase continuous welding inverter with digital voltage and current displays for precise weld control and can perform MIG (GMAW/FCAW) and Stick (MMAW) welding processes. Ideal for welding sheet metal thicknesses from 0.8mm to 10mm with wire diameters from 0.6mm to 1.0mm, with the added benefit of being able to conveniently handle precision aluminum work with the Tefco spool gun CGA250.
This MIG welding machine is ideal for anyone who wants to do fabrication works, auto repair, maintenance work, DIY at home, or general welding assembly work without sacrificing quality or safety.

Top Features

  • Built-in wire feeder.
  • Lightweight and portable – easy to move and stackable.
  • Hassle-free, tool-less design wire drive system for both 5 kg and 15 kg spools.
  • Uses the latest generation Cruxweld inverter technology for maximum reliability.
  • Thermal overload protection for stable welding performance in all hard conditions.
  • This machine has a built-in smooth drive wire feeder with fast switching wire feeding mechanism.
  • Equipped with a user-friendly control panel with additional features such as 4T/2T switch and 0.8/1.0mm wire selection switch.
  • Suitable for welding in all positions and for a wide range of applications and materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel.


Model MIG250iW
Input voltage, V 230/415 ±15%
Phase, Φ Single/Three
Frequency, Hz 50/60
Rated input power, kVA 10
Output current range MIG, A 25-250
Output current range ARC, A 20-250
Rated output voltage, V 85-108
Rates primary current, A 15-25
MIG wire diameter, mm 0.6, 0.8, 1.0
Power factor 0.93
Efficiency 85%
Degree of protection IP23
Insulation H
No-load loss, V 52
Supply plug, A 16
Wire feed speed, m/min 2.5-18
Wire feeder roll size, mm 40×32
Power source cooling Forced air
Torch cooling Air-cooled
Wire spool capacity, kg 5-15
Dimensions, mm 530x280x510
Weight, kg 28


Package Contents:

  • High-speed built-in wire feeder
  • ERGOPLUS24/36 10 Foot MIG torch
  • Ground cable with clamp
  • Shielding gas regulator
  • Shielding gas hose
  • Extra contact tips (5) .030″”/.047″”
  • 8″”/12″” wire spool adapter
  • 240 VAC adapter cord
  • Drive roller
  • Instruction manual


  • Digital Inverter design control MIG/GMAW and FCAW welding outfit which offers stable, low spatter arc performance.
  • Higher accuracy due to power SMD technology.
  • Uniform wire feeding through a dual gear is driven to drive.
  • Automatic compensation for mains voltage fluctuations.
  • Lightweight and compact MIG/MAG/FCAW welding outfit.
  • Digitally controlled waveforms facilitate superior arc features.
  • Arc force control adjusts arc features in both MIG and Stick modes.
  • Designed to work even under higher ambient temperatures up to 55°C.
  • Greater efficiency and higher power factor result in greater power saving.
  • The stick function adds an extra dimension of versatility and performance when MIG conditions aren’t ideal.


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  1. Hi I required MIG welding machine
    Single phase
    Amp 220

    1. We will do the needful.

      1. Aita bahadur bhomjan says:

        You can delivery from Nepal?

        1. Thank you for the enquiry. We can definitely deliver at Nepal as an export sale. Kindly send the enquiry at sales@cruxweld.com. We will do the needful.

  2. Wasim pasha says:

    Send details and price to purchase

    1. Thank you for the enquiry, we will do the needful.

  3. Jamil Khan says:

    We need MIG welding machine for Band saw blade joint welding. pl advice.

    1. The Cruxweld team thanks you for the inquiry. We will do the needful.

  4. Wm Saperstein says:

    Yes, I love this place

  5. Divya Pant says:

    Small size MiG welding machine

  6. Thanks for providing a long list of technical specifications. It was really very helpful to know the machine in detail.

  7. Sadiq Basha says:

    We are furniture manufacturers from Chennai For the past 25 years I was using carbide welding now we are thinking to do our weld with Mig welder can u please suggest us about the uses and the minimum thickness of the work peice in mm and advice for which machine we want to buy for our all day use and the price detail of the model

  8. Sonu vishvakarma says:

    iti welder

  9. I need mig welding machine

  10. Rajesh Patidar says:

    Price kya hai

  11. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Price kya hai

  12. Mahajan Metals and CNC Fabrication Crafts says:

    Please share the price quote of WeldEasy MIG 250A Built-in Wirefeeder to mahajanmetals@gmail.com

  13. Gulshan Grover says:

    I need single phase mig welding machine for automobile workshop…

  14. Lalit Suryawanshi says:

    I want mig welding machine give me price

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