Diesel Operated Welding Generator

220DN, Engine Driven Welder
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The Cruxweld welding generator, 220DN is characterized by high performance and durability. Its portability and ability to withstand harsh environments make it ideal for pipelines, construction sites, or any job that requires electricity and DC stick welding.
This 220DN engine-driven welding generator provides a stable 220A DC output suitable for 6010 rods to 7018 rods up to 5mm diameter electrode sizes. Equipped with Kohler’s stunning 11 HP engine and 5000-watt auxiliary output, this welding generator gives you the power wherever you need it.


Flexibility to go anywhere with professional results

The auxiliary power generated by this diesel welding generator is used to operate fans, pumps, air compressors, or other electrical tools commonly used on construction sites. With stable DC welding output, a wide range of stick electrodes such as 6010, 6013, 7018, etc. can be used.
A powerful engine you can trust

This Kohler® diesel engine is designed for high performance, and durability and runs smoothly and quietly. The powerful 11-hp 4-stroke engine provides stable and consistent power during welding and power generation.
Dual purpose welding cum generator

If you need a portable auxiliary power source while welding, then the Cruxweld 220DN is the right choice as it provides you with everything you need to operate halogen lamps, power tools, and other equipment while welding.


  • Electric start engine ideal for a variety of job site applications.
  • The highest single-phase AC generator power is 5000 watts. 
  • Built-in circuit breaker for additional equipment protection.
  • The rear wheels can be used to provide maneuverability for portable field welding.
  • Easily adjust amperage with the current regulator knob.
  • 5,000 watts of AC power output gives you the power you need in the field.
  • A fuel-efficient engine with a 6.5-liter fuel tank allows for long runs, so you don’t need to take a break to fill up.
  • Able to weld steel, stainless steel, cast iron, hard facing, and aluminum.
  • Powering the generator and welding at the same time is no problem.
  • Engine auto idle extends engine life, reduces noise levels, and improves fuel economy.
  • Maintenance is easy as the engine oil only needs to be changed every 100 hours and the oil filter every 200 hours.
  • The reduced noise level contributes to increased comfort and safety on the job site.


Current range, continuous 40A – 220A
Duty cycle 220A – 60%
Rated voltage 36V
Open circuit voltage 65V
Welding rod capacity 2.5 – 4.0 mm
Max AC output 6.5/5.2 kVA/kW
Power phase Single
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Power factor 1.0
Insulation class H
Output socket 220/16 V/A
Engine model KOHLER 15LD440
Engine type 4-stroke engine
Speed 3600 rpm
Cylinders 1
Displacement 442 cm3
Bore 86 mm
Stroke 76 mm
Compression ratio 20.3:1
Rating 8.1/11.0 KW/HP
Max. torque 25@2200 Nm
Fuel type Diesel
Cooling Air-cooled
Fuel tank capacity 6.5 l
Fuel consumption 1.0 l/h.
Oil consumption 0.0048 kg/h.
Dry weight 45 kg
Protection degree IP23
Sound level 72 dB(A)
Recommended battery 12/44 V/Ah
Sound level 72 dB(A) @7m
Running time (welding 60%) 6 – 8 h
Housing Frame
Recommended battery 12/44 V/Ah
Dimensions L815 x W480 x H620 mm
Dry weight 76 kg


We are the manufacturers of portable welding generator diesel at Cruxweld. We use the latest technology in the manufacturing of diesel welding generators. Our engineers designed AC and DC generators by using shockproof components. These generators are very durable as they are designed and manufactured accordingly to make them shockproof and stable

We have developed diesel welding machines in a very big range as welding generator price is the main concern of the industry. The diesel welding machine used as ARC welding produces a fast, accurate, and stable arc for the industries. We also developed double-cylinder welding generator sets.

The power of electricity generated by this engine can be used for pumps, fans, air compressors, hand drills, and stone cutters, can be used. During power shut down this can be used for the power back up. These are best suited for outdoor power, great for farm and ranch, etc. Our machines are supplied and found useful at construction sites. We can carry this machine on the wheel at the site of construction. The welding generator machine can run on gasoline, diesel, and oxyfuel This equipment is very useful when there is no electricity available and we have to achieve the target at the site of the machine. We find that customers based in India for diesel welding machines are in states where there is a shortage of electricity like West Bengal, Odisha, and Maharashtra. Although these may be purchased by other states as the electricity in those states is not sufficient to run the fan, cooler, drill, or hand tools then this welding generator a power suppliers.

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  1. Mr Irshad Aziz says:

    The portable welding generator supplied by Cruxweld is very cost effective, stable and attractive in design. The performance is excellent.

    1. Thank you very much for the encouragement.

  2. Prabir Chakraborty says:

    The portable welding generator was bought last year. The performance of the machine is satisfactory.The installation was assisted by video at youtube. This video is very informative and helpful.

    1. Thank you for being our valued customer.

      1. Shamaki audu says:

        Am from Nigeria, what is the possibility of me getting the welding machine here and please what is the cost of the machine?

        1. Team cruxweld thank you for the interest in our welding generator. The sales team will contact you.

  3. Rupak Medhi says:

    how about a welding lead of 50 or 20 metres attached to it as for welding trestles minimum 20 metre cable shall be needed. what about the duty cyle. its not mentioned. we are exploring for a generator cum welder for our ropeway operations.

  4. Thanks for your visit. You can extend this cable up to 20-30 meters. The duty cycle is 60% for this equipment.

  5. Karnarathi nayak says:

    I want to purchage a desel operated welding mahine.what is its price pls? Can i purchage it by online if no then where i can get it?

    1. Sales team will contact you.

      1. Shahbaz ali says:

        I want an diesel engin welding plant .i am from pakistan.please guide me for purchasing procedure + all details price??

        1. We will assess and respond to you.

          1. Osaremwinda Edosa says:

            Hi I am from Nigeria I need the diesel welding machine what is the price and how can I get it

      2. K VENKATESH says:

        Hi ,

        I want this product in bulk. Please let me know its price.

        1. The cruxweld team thank you for your interest in our welding machine. We will revert with techno commercial of the machine very soon.

  6. I need the maintenance manual. It did not arrive with the machine.

    1. We will do the needful. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      1. Please send PDF to email provided.

  7. Please where is the requested manual? The welder is sitting of no use. Please send immediately.

  8. Machine price

    1. We will do the needful.

  9. Haibat Khan says:


    Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    We M/S SHEFAI INTERNATIONAL FZE, DUBAI has been working for Pakistan’s Public Own Companies like OGDCL, SNGPL, SSGC, PARCO & PPL since last 30 years and we have supplied numberless items to these companies.

    Recently, we have an enquiry about MOBILE DIESEL WELDING PLANT from OGDCL (Oil and Gas Development Company Limited) and we want you to quote us. As we want a long term business relationship with your company.

    Your immediate response is highly appreciable.


    Haibat Khan
    Procurement Officer
    Gascol International FZE
    Dubai, UAE
    Email: mohsin@shefaieng.com || M.P: +92 (0) 311-8789960

    1. We will do the needful.

  10. Pushpanathan says:

    I want to buy diseal operated welding machine portable.i am from tamilnadu.ple sent me a price list

    1. Thank you for your kind visit to Cruxweld. We will be doing it soon.

  11. achhelal Yadav says:

    Prince kya h

  12. tanko mohammed says:

    i need the price of the machine

    1. The sales team of cruxweld thank you for the enquiry. We will share with you the technical specification with quotation for the needful.

  13. I wanted to know where i can get good service in tamilnadu.

    1. You can place any query at sales@cruxweld.com. We will revert you with every possible details.

  14. Raj panchal says:

    Plz contact me iam required welding generator

  15. Kiran Kumar N Kumar says:

    Welding machine available please price

  16. Kitne ka padega?

  17. niraj sharma says:

    how much long welding work to do

  18. Manoj karma. says:


  19. What is price American and do y’all ship.how long..

  20. Is it locally serviceable? what are the recurring maintenance cost / parts may incur, also pls let know the price of the machine.

  21. Excelsior Merchants Pvt Ltd says:

    Need diesel/Petrol welding generator to weld 125 mm dia MS Heavy Pipe for water pipe line . Pls offer suitable model

  22. Getem Pertin says:

    How mich the price of portable welding generator

  23. Getem Pertin says:

    How much the price of portable welding machine and is deliverable at my pin code 791102

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