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Global briefing of the welding products market from 2019 to 2025

The welding products supplier in India by a genuine brand Cruxweld for more than two decades for the industries all along the country and overseas. The study is for the scenario welding products globally.

Welding Industry

The estimated market size of the welding product globally was estimated at USD13.27 billion in the year 2017 and projected to expand at CAGR of 5.6% from 2017 to 2025.  These products used abundantly in oil and gas, aviation and marine, automotive, metal and materials and construction and development industries. The building and construction industry all over the world will lead to very substantial growth. The latest demand in the automotive industry is an anticipative step toward the growth of this category. A rapid industrialization and infrastructure development in major economies such as the U.S., China, India, Singapore, and China have driven growth in the past few of the years.  

Technology Facts   

In the year 2017 Arc welding was held with the largest market and is projected to continue leading the market in this segment of technology for this period of time. This Arc technology is useful in all places and various operations in the building and construction industry. The various resistance welding like spot, projection and seam welding mainly find usefulness in the automotive industry due to their beneficial characters as stability, low environmental impact, and cost etc.

Products Details

 The stick electrode is likely to provide substantial growth of industries in this period. The product is extensively consumed for welding of components in a large application area such as pressure vessels, pipelines, shipyards, and others area. The solid wire is also consumed due to its properties in the welding application.

End Use Studies

Welding products are utilized in the construction of structures like building and bridges. They may be used in steel fabrication and other procedures rapid urbanization is the leading cause for the more and more growth of the welding product market. Rising demand from the automotive and transportation may lead on to projected boost in the global market

Regional Global Welding Market

 Asia continent is expecting the rapid growth on account of high demand from various industries like automotive and construction, in major economies such as China, India & Japan. The region accounted for 41.21%in 2017.


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