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Spot Welding Machine for Almirah

The Almirah is a portable closet generally used or storing clothes and other items in house and business premises. The Almirah is traced back to the 17th century in America and since then have passed through the many evolutions. The concept of drawers and partition was invented recently to make the Almirah more useful, safe and spacious. The Almirah have different types like single door Almirah double door Almirah in various design to satisfy the need of the client.

The Almirah making needs joining of the two metals sheets which used to need welding with riveting. This process used to be long, tedious, time-consuming with lack of aesthetic look to the product. We designed the spot welding machine with poke gun, single-sided spot welding technique. This process removes the need for riveting with a strong bond with welding with no effect on the back of the welding surface to make the product more aesthetic and process of welding become less difficult and more convenient.

spot welding machine price

Pneumatic Spot Welder

We have manufactured and designed the thyristor-based electronic controlled spot welding machine with an arrangement to vary the current stepwise. The machine has a weld time adjustable from 1 to 100 cycles. The machine makes firm and beautiful welding joints with small affected one, flat welding joints, welding intensity, and toughness are similar to or even exceeded to base metals. The equipment is stable and reliable. The stable output power can work in all the conditions to procure the best results. The low energy consumption, save a lot of costs or the customers in the long term use. Easy operation, small size, convenient in transportation make this machine as a hot choice for the user.

This machine production passed through ISO9001 quality assurance system, which in strict accordance with the requirements of production to ensure product quality and reliability. The production process to implement three inspections, self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection to ensure control of product quality. The manufactured products again require thee pass, raw material in to plant pass, semi-finished product pass, finished off the factory pass to ensure reaching the required quality, finished product storage as well. The sales in the market were also included in product quality management.

Hand Operated Battery Tab Spot Welder

Hand Operated Battery Tab Spot Welder

The poke gun machine has specially designed copper alloy electrodes. These electrodes have a special feature of producing more heat at a point which is tightly held by the electrodes thus producing spot welding. The heating here is at a specific point only leaving the adjacent surface not exhibiting any heat. The energy produced at the site of the spot depends upon the resistance between electrode and magnitude o the current supplied. The common uses for the spot welding are with sheet metal and wire mesh. The commonest other uses of this equipment are with car manufacturing and steel furniture along with Almirah manufacturing. The orthodontics is the other place where small size welder may be used. It may be used in nickel-cadmium spot in the battery welding.

We are in the Indian market for more than three decades and producing the best quality spot welding machine. The designs of our machines conform to the international standard. The specification matches to none less than the best available in the market. We are a major supplier to the international market and government departments.

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