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hand operated spot welding machine

Single Sided Spot Welder – Poke Welding Gun

CHS-10G, CHS-15G
Thyristorised Electronic Controller
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Product Description

Hand Operated Spot Welding Machine Poke Gun Type- Resistance Welding- Portable Spot Welding Machine is the best quality in Indian & International market. Cruxweld makes 10KVA and 15KVA Hand Operated Spot Welding Machine Poke Gun Type spot welder. It is a thyristor-based electronic controller spot welding machine. The machine is having the arrangement to vary the current stepwise. The machine has a weld time adjustable from 1 to 100 cycles. This is a portable welding machine and has a poke gun type electrode. The machine is based on the principle of the spot welding where the two metal surfaces are joined by the heat production from resistance to electric current. The workpieces are held in position tightly by the electrodes. The electrodes are specially designed by copper alloy. These electrodes have a feature of producing more heat at a point or spot which is tightly held by the electrodes thus producing spot welding. The spot welding process involved heating of the specific spot or are otherwise the surface near to the welding surface does not exhibit any heat. The energy produced at the site of the spot depends upon the resistance between electrode and magnitude of the current supplied. The common uses for the spot welding are with sheet metal and wire mesh. The commonest industry where the machine can be used is the automobile industry as in-car manufacturing, steel furniture. The orthodontics is the other place where small size spot welder may be used. It may be used in Nickel-Cadmium spot in the battery welding. We are in the Indian market for more than three decades and producing the best quality spot welding machine. The design of our machine conforms to the international standard. The specification matches to none less than the best available in the market. We are a major supplier to the international and government departments.

Salient Features

Technical Data

Specification Unit CHS-10G CHS-15G
Rating @ 50% duty cycle kVA 10 15
Input supply Volt AC415±15% AC415±15%
Phase No 2 2
Frequency Hz 50/60 50/60
No load voltage (max.) Volt 11 11
Primary line current (max.) Amps 48 48
Output current selection Step 6 steps 6 steps
Time control KA Solid state electronic timer Solid state electronic timer
Insulation Class F F
Transformer cooling Type Air cooled Air cooled
Earth cable length m 2 2
Output main cable length m 3 3
Gun and control cable weight (approx) Kg 7 8
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 490x780x680 520x800x680
Weight (approx) Kg 48 52
8 comments on “Single Sided Spot Welder – Poke Welding Gun
  1. harshit goyal says:

    can i get a 10 kva spot welding machine poke gun

  2. Gaurav Grover says:

    Need 10kva single side spot welding poke gun machine

  3. Gaurav Grover says:

    No. 9923666694

  4. Ankit Vishwakarma says:

    Needed 10KVA single sided spot welding machine please proved me price and other details.thank you waiting for your reply

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