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Single Side Poke Gun Spot Welder

There are so many situations where applications require the versatility and flexibility of a handheld gun or an electrode. This handheld gun or attachment allows welding of complex geometries which require very expensive fixturing when conventional heads used in the welding process. These handheld guns provide a way to reduce the overall weld system cost of businesses and laboratories These poke guns are simple to use, require minimum maintenance, and provide a great deal of maneuverability and flexibility for small productions runs or for research institutes.

We use the single side gun which is small in size with a straight or 90-degree tip The gun does have a trigger with a foot pedal which includes PG EL 125 an adapter with one copper electrode. These are portable, lightweight and have a longer functional life.

The poke welding gun precision welder with single sided welds with other hand tools available. It has the smallest console and designed for portability and it may not weigh more than 20 kg. Being a single-handed and designed for easy lifting, it can easily be moved around in the workshop. It can weld up to 0.5mm sheet and it has an additional facility of seal welding or quick spotting on thin sheets. They are available for perfect welding application for the aerospace, automotive and motorsport industries. It as an affordable way of perfect welding in these industries.
Single Side Poke Gun Spot Welder
The single-sided poke gun spot welder has such a design to where latest requirements related not only protection of the operator in the working cell but also same protection to the personnel in the adjacent area is mandatory. These equipment are designed in such a way that a switch can be used or a wide variety of work. There is a synchronous built-in electronic timer with SCR from 2 to 65 cycles. The machine is transformer based which are coated with F class insulation material. The testing is done by using 4000 volts. CHS poke welding gun can also be used or tack welding applications on thicker materials, where a class A is not required. The compensation circuit starts the timer only when there is a proper passage of current which enables to perform on oxidized sheets, on surfaces with residual paint or on black sheets

The machine is designed or jobs that can’t be accomplished in a conventional spot welding machine due to throat depth limitations or bigger size of the jobs such as stiffener welding on steel, Almira door, Almira shelves, flooring of passengers lift, passenger, lift doors fitting of shelves in steel Almira, welding on square or round pipe. Welding of the sheet on hollow structures cladding of stainless steel sheet or structures


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