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Stud Welder

What is Stud Welding?

Stud welding named to technique akin to flash welding. A fastener or specially designed nut is welded to another metal surface, a base metal /substrate. These fastener can be of different shape and characters like threaded, unthreaded. This bolt may be automatically fed in to the spot for welding. The require weld nut generally have a flange with a small nubs which melt to form the welding joint. The weld nuts are required to use in stud welder which manufacturers create for two main types of welding like capacitor discharge stud welding and drawn arc stud welding process.


We find stud welding a high speed metal fastening technique where a metallic fastener placed by a welding arc to another metal sheet.The welding fastener from Stud Gun is placed in contact with the base metal, an arc is drawn resulting in to melting the stud base and heating of the metal work. The stud for welding is then forced in to the melted zone and held in place till it is solidify which got completed in milliseconds for fastening of the metal leading on to joint of stud with metal surface.
The Stud welding is a most reliable welding process for stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, aluminium alloy, brass and components.  A stud welder does  work with a big range of fasteners as weld studs, nails, pins and earth tags.

Types of Stud welding

Thee main welding process in stud are three used in a range of manufacturing process as capacitor discharge (CD), The drawn arc (DA) and short cycle (SC) Each process suited to a particular material and capabilities but all these processes are giving strong and lasting results. The process of stud welding is a useful in a divers range of industries like electrical, mechanical, decorative and different consumer industries.

Benefits of Stud Welding

The benefits rendered to the industries by Cruxweld stud welder include:
  • Superior welded joint strength – The process produces a welded joint which is far stronger than the stud and parent metal. The superiority is for its high quality, and reliable fastening. The process of stud welding do not weaken the material and do not produce any hole and revere marking on the metal.
  • Minimal fatigue to the operator The stud welder is designed in such a light weight, balance and compact that it does not cause any fatigue and clumsiness to the operator during the stud welding.
  • Better profit of margins The rapid welding process by our stud welder and flexibility in all applications help to save the money to the user.
  • Versatile application Our stud welder is designed such  way to provide a series of results as per requirements, budget and company set up.

Stud Welder by Cruxweld

Stud Welder

The Cruxweld provides versatile and portable stud welding machines ranging from Capacitor Discharge & Drawn Arc since more then three decades. We are at forefront of the manufacture and design of stud welding machine. We supply and export our renowned and advanced system worldwide.

Our experienced staff here available to render you with in-depth technical knowledge and advice about the wide range of stud welders available with us. Cruxweld is a leading welding machine manufacturer producing stud welder from fully automated equipment to light weight stud guns with a huge range of accessories and proudly supplying the best stud welder around the world.We have been in production of stud welders since almost two decades. We don’t just want to sell the stud welder of best quality, but our team of dedicated and experienced staff love to provide the most up to date information about the stud welding process and and any updates about the stud welders.

The team Cruxweld is committed to provide very best to our customers as we design and manufacture all our stud welders in house. It helps us to ensure that every single machine can meet your requirement and always exceed your expectations.

Stud Welder Machines of Cruxweld

We have  wide range of stud welders machine to fulfill your need if you are big or small company, no matter what may be your industry where you need these stud welders.We have a large range from hand held stud gun to automated CNC machinery i our kitty of stud welders.

Drawn Arc Stud Welding Machines

  • Drawn Arc Stud Welding Machines

    They are chosen for welding on to thicker materials 2mm and above, large diameter studs, material in imperfections like rusting, grease and curved surface. It produces a fantastic type of neat, long lasting and strong welding joint. The drawn arc stud are loaded with aluminium flux ball on the weld end which assist in welding process. These studs are commonly made from mild steel and stainless steel.

Capacitor Discharge stud welder

  • Capacitor Discharge stud welder

    These are perfect to weld on thinner plate of less then 2 mm thickness with a clean surface. It is a perfect choice for aluminium, mild steel, brass and stainless steel. This equipment creates a strong weld without penetration of base metal. The tip of the weld nut serve two purposes as it act as a timing device to keep the stud away from base metal and second it disintegrate when the trigger of gun is pulled making a strong weld by solidification.

  • Short Cycle stud welder

    It creates more penetrative weld than capacitor discharge, material 1.5 mm and thicker. It can be useful for rolled material and coated metal sheet. This is more tolerant of dirty surfaces and produce a strong weld joint.

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