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weld bandsaw blade

How to weld Bandsaw Blade – 4 easy steps to reusing broken bandsaw blades

The blade breaking is the worst thing that can happen to your band saw. Once this occurs one starts thinking about how much money one requires to keep running the job. It may have been left broken if the budget did not permit it.

weld bandsaw blade

The best thing here is that you can join the broken band saw blade and restore its functionality to full capacity. Once you have fallen in to deal with a broken band saw blade, this article is for you to know How to weld Bandsaw Blade?

Why do you need to weld a bandsaw blade?

Bending and breaking of the band saw blade is an integral part of the job. It may happen at any time during the regular use of the bandsaw blade. Welding bandsaw blades are much cheaper than buying new blades and it allows you to use the blade for a longer period of time.

how to weld bandsaw blades

General wear and tear is the most common reason for bending or breaking. If we do not take proper care of the blade it is destined to break. However, it is not necessary to visit a hardware shop to buy the new one for bending or breaking.

You can weld the damage with the right tools, and restore its complete functionality. There are cases where this blade is beyond repair. In the situation when the blade is chipped and corroded due to rusting, then buying the new one is the only option left.

What do you need to weld a bandsaw blade?

We need to arrange a few items to complete the process of “how to weld bandsaw blades” There are many ways to do it, but we will be discussing a few very simple one. We need the following.

  • The sample of the broken bandsaw blade
  • The vise
  • TIG welder
  • The grinder
  • Welding safety kit
  • Personal safety kit

Welding bandsaw blades – step by step process

We can start the process with the arranged tools. There are the following steps to restore the functioning of the bandsaw blade.

1.  Preparation of the blade

A thorough inspection of the blade is essential before initiating the welding process. The given blade should have enough strength to last after the welding. Generally breaking of the blade happens due to rusting leading to the brittleness of the blade. The rusty blade is not suitable for welding.

bandsaw blade repair

To evaluate the condition of the blade, clean it with any degreasing agent. Spray the agent on both surfaces of the broken area and leave it there for 10 minutes. Wipe clean the surface with a damp cloth. We can soak the blade in soapy water to remove the grease. Make sure the soap is not corrosive to prevent further damage and should remove only resin collected over time.

2. Grinding of the blade

The aim here is to ensure broken ends attach to each other strongly after welding. Light and gradual grinding are required on broken ends. You grind at an angle by using a vise to ensure overlapping when welding.

This process contributes to the strength of the blade after the welding process. Ensure that the ends are almost overlapping by placing the finish and grinding samples in the vise.

3. Welding of the blade

This step of welding is the quickest step as most of the work is completed in other steps. A cardinal point in welding here is to touch the ends of the blade together tightly because the blade may remain weak without properly and tightly touching the blade.

welding bandsaw blades

Now it is time to weld the other side of the broken blade as this welding on both sides will add extra strength to the blade. Inspect the welding on both sides and retouch the process if needed.

4. Annealing – Process to do after welding the bandsaw blade

Quick annealing with a blow torch becomes essential after welding both sides of the blade. Many people may overlook this step and forget its importance. The process enhances the strength of the blade by making it more malleable and improving the bond.

Once the cooling of the blade sets on, we may observe a few irregular points. The process of welding brings out a few imperfections which can be easily corrected by polishing etc. Smooth out the spots by using a grinder lightly. Now clean the bandsaw blade again with the help of a wet cloth and it is ready to reuse into our bandsaw.

The blade is liable to damage when used regularly. It is essential to maintain the functions regularly and can enhance its life. Finally, it needed to replace the blade, but it will offer you multiple uses. Lubricate the blades after every single use. Grease, clean, and maintain to improve the quality of functioning of the bandsaw and its blades.

Demo Video – Bandsaw Blade Butt Welding Machine 

Why weld bandsaw blade?

Now we are aware, of how to weld a bandsaw blade, we might know the need for this welding process. Honestly, whenever there is a break or damage to a bandsaw blade, people generally purchase a new one. It may be a good alternative but welding can save a substantial amount for you. The welded bandsaw blades with decent functioning makes it worth enough. We suggest welding instead of buying the new one when it is snapped for the first time.

welded bandsaw blades

Related Questions

1. Can we use a piece of wood for holding the blades in a vise?

Fire and wood are not obvious choices to mix but plywood is a bit more resistant to fire. It can hold the blades and can stay relatively fire-free but occasional flames can be observed. once under the fire.

2. My blade is showing a little bit of rust on inspection – can I use it?

The amount of rust is a deciding factor. The blade should have enough strength to weld and use again. Deep and thick rust should be removed with non-toxic and rust-specific solutions. Thin rust is possible to remove by a light clean. Do not scrub the rusty blades as it can reduce the strength of the blade.


The welding of your broken bandsaw blade is an economical option to purchase a new one. Once your blade snapped unexpectedly, you follow the steps on how to weld a bandsaw blade systemically. The process can acquire more use of your bandsaw blade and save your hard-earned money for a new one. It is better to do regular inspection and maintenance to avoid breaking the bandsaw blade.

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