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bandsaw blade butt welding machine

Bandsaw Blade Butt Welder

CSB3, CSB5, CBM12, CBM15
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Product Description

bandsaw blade butt welding machine manufacturers in India for the robust, durable and highly accurate welding machine quality for industries.The bandsaw blade butt welding machine has been developed by our manufacturing team with many amendments during manufacturing for the betterment suggested by clients and R&D team in unison.

The machine does not require any additional solder, flux or any other material. The equipment is designed to facilitate easy and reliable operation. The ends of bandsaw blade were joined by means of overlapping brazing which requires a high degree of brazing skill and yet produce a weak joint on account of foreign material introduced in it. The electric resistance butt welding is the modern method where the joint strength is 25% higher than that of base metal strength but also quick &automatic thus eliminating human error and gives perfect strong joint.

The process starts with a straight cutting of wire ends at right angles and free from burrs with the special shearing attachment available with the machine. The current for welding, upsetting pressure & upsetting way are set according to the blades’ width, the blade ends, being rightly clamped by special quick acting clamps provided with the machines. When we press the welding lever the automatic welding cycle begins. The two ends are heated up to forging temperature in the shortest time in seconds and then automatically forged.The welding current at this point of time switches off automatically. The job is de-clamped and welding is complete.

The upsetting way switch lever is now turned to annealing and the job is again clamped securely so that extended jaw comes in automatically flipping the lever to annealing position. Once we press the annealing switch two heat position is provided, the job is annealed in order to normalize the brittles in welding zone. The annealing may require repeating if needed.




Technical Data

Technical SpecificationUnitModel – CSB3Model – CSB5Model – CBM12Model – CBM15
JobCarbon Steel BladesCarbon Steel BladesBi-Metal BladesBi-Metal Blades
Capacity, at 50% duty cycleKVA351215
Welding rangemm3 to 256 to 3712-3115-41
Input supplyVoltAC220±15%AC220±15%415±15%415±15%
PhaseNo1 (Single)1 (Single)22
Input currentAmp13182840
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm270x235x225275x255x225230x400x405250x430x405
Weight (approx)Kg26285465
6 comments on “Bandsaw Blade Butt Welder
  1. William says:

    Hi,can you send me a quote and a link to any international supplier.
    Am in Kenya Nairobi and i need the machine.

    • admin says:

      We will do the needful and we at Cruxweld are the international supplier.

  2. Suresh Krishnan says:

    We Suresh Agencies based in Kerala, palakkad district, involved in wood furniture industry since 40 years. Interested in buying your product band saw butt welding machine. Blade width we are using is 75mm. Kindly send us the details and price.
    Thanking you

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the visit to Cruxweld. We will do the needful.

  3. Bhimraya says:

    Butt machine details

    • admin says:

      The team Cruxweld will do the needful.

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