Bandsaw Blade Butt Welder

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The Cruxweld CBS040 is a compact band saw butt welder designed to join broken blades and create unique band saw blade lengths. High quality and efficiency – fast and easy welding and joining of band saw blades and steel strips of various qualities. This bandsaw blade welder uses electrical resistance to join blade ends. The post-weld annealing process provides the blade the strength and flexibility it needs to function effectively.

One of Cruxweld’s main goals is to help economically and improve cutting processes by developing innovative metal cutting solutions and reusing them at optimal levels for manufacturers and engineers in a variety of industries. Our bandsaw blade butt welder is just one example of setting the standard for achieving this goal.


This is why a bandsaw blade butt welder is important.

Sometimes you have a bad conscience when the band saw blade breaks for some reason, even though the cutting edge and teeth are perfectly fine. Even the premium brand and highest quality saw blades will fail if something goes wrong with the machine such as twisted blades or misaligned bearings. In that bad time, there is one solution to avoid wasting blades and money unnecessarily.

The solution is the Cruxweld Bandsaw Blade Butt Welder which quickly repairs blades like new ones. The repair process is performed by three rapid methods: shearing, welding, and annealing. Eventually, some excess weld material remains at the joint, which can be easily removed with a hand grinder or bench grinder. So, in less than a minute, your saw blade will be as good as your new purchase. Cruxweld band saw blade welders can often produce welds with higher tensile strength and ductility than the original weld. Controlling weld quality improves the overall consistency and durability of the blade.


  • Optimum welding results due to the built-in annealing setting.
  • CBS040 saw blade butt welding machine can cut, weld, anneal and grind (optional) band saw blades.
  • A shear attachment allows for precise cutting.
  • The machine can be easily connected to a 230V household power source.
  • A quick fix for a saw blade that is still sharp and useful.
  • Cam-type jaw locks provide more secure clamping.
  • Joins the previously cut blades together.
  • Simple-to-use controls ensure a seamless transition between functions.
  • This band saw blade butt welder has shearing, welding, annealing, and grinder stations.
  • Quickly repair broken blades that are still sharp and useful.
  • This allows you to create new, ready-to-use saw blades from your discarded band saw blade inventory.


Model  CBS040
Nominal capacity (50% DC)  5 kVA
Welding range – band saws 6 to 38 mm
Input supply 230V±15% 
Input current 18 A
Secondary voltage 4 steps
Upset pressure  200 N
Clamping width 40 mm
Clamping thickness range 0.4 – 2.5 mm
Dimensions (lxwxh)  285x255x230 mm
Gross weight  38 kg


Bandsaw blade butt welding machine manufacturers in India for the robust, durable, and highly accurate welding machine quality for industries. The bandsaw blade butt welding machine has been developed by our manufacturing team with many amendments during manufacturing for the betterment suggested by clients and the R&D team in unison.

The machine does not require any additional solder, flux, or any other material. The equipment is designed to facilitate easy and reliable operation. The ends of the bandsaw blade were joined by means of overlapping brazing which requires a high degree of brazing skill and yet produces a weak joint on account of foreign material introduced in it. The electric resistance butt welding is the modern method where the joint strength is 25% higher than that of base metal strength but also quick & automatic thus eliminating human error and giving a perfect strong joint.

The process starts with a straight cutting of wire ends at right angles and free from burrs with the special shearing attachment available with the machine. The current for welding, upsetting pressure & the upsetting way is set according to the blades’ width, the blade ends, being rightly clamped by special quick-acting clamps provided with the machines. When we press the welding lever the automatic welding cycle begins. The two ends are heated up to forging temperature in the shortest time in seconds and then automatically forged. The welding current at this point in time switches off automatically. The job is de-clamped and welding is complete.

The upsetting way switch lever is now turned to annealing and the job is again clamped securely so that the extended jaw comes in automatically flipping the lever to the annealing position. Once we press the annealing switch two heat position is provided, and the job is annealed in order to normalize the brittles in the welding zone. The annealing may require repeating if needed.


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  1. Hi,can you send me a quote and a link to any international supplier.
    Am in Kenya Nairobi and i need the machine.

    1. We will do the needful and we at Cruxweld are the international supplier.

  2. Suresh Krishnan says:

    We Suresh Agencies based in Kerala, palakkad district, involved in wood furniture industry since 40 years. Interested in buying your product band saw butt welding machine. Blade width we are using is 75mm. Kindly send us the details and price.
    Thanking you

    1. Thank you for the visit to Cruxweld. We will do the needful.

    2. P. I. MUNJANKAR says:

      Hello.. i’m the owner of 1 saw mill in Maharashtra… I am interested in this machine, so i need more info about the machine.. such as which metals we can use for joinding the blade, the price of the machine etc… Mail me all the info on the given mail id.. thank you…

      1. Our sales team will contact you soon. Thank you.

  3. Butt machine details

    1. The team Cruxweld will do the needful.

      1. Madushan malima says:

        what the prise of from srilanka

        1. Thank you, sir. Our team will contact you.

  4. Felix Monteiro says:

    Plz send me the details of 100 mm width wood cutting band saw blade welding machine

    1. Thank you for the enquiry. We will be doing the same.

  5. Raj Kumar says:

    Plz share rate for bandsa2 blade butt welder set, i had a small unit only one saw machine in himachal. I need low price set

    1. Thank you for your interest. We will get in touch with you soon.

  6. Amol Sutar says:

    This is Amol Sutar from Maharashtra. We are in wooden box packaging industry. For our saw mill need butt welding machine blade size 75 mm. Plz suggest suitable machine.

  7. Tirath Singh says:

    We are having Saw Mill in Jamshedpur,Jahrkhand. Interested in buying your product Band saw blade butt welder. Blade width we are using is 65 mm. Kindly send us the details and price.
    Thanking you
    Tirath Singh
    Mobile 9431330660

    1. Thank you for the inquiry. We will assist you to fulfill your need of a welding machine.

  8. Harjinder singh says:

    Kindly share the features and price of this machine

  9. Er. Praful says:

    Hello sir, we required this machine for band saw blade joining of 37 mm width. Kindly send quotation for amar machine. Mob 8983689288

    1. Our sales team will do the needful.

  10. James kamau says:

    Do you have agents in nairobi kenya where I can visit and buy the welder? If so how much

  11. James kamau says:

    Need a bone saw welding machine

  12. Ankush Dhiman says:

    Plz share rate for bandsaw blade butt welder set, i had a small unit only one saw machine in himachal.I need to joint of 58mm blade.

  13. Fazlul Hoque Khan says:

    Hello, I’m from Bangladesh. I need this bandsaw blade butt welder. Can I kindly know the price of it and can you guys deliver it to Bangladesh?

    1. Kindly place your requirement at The team will guide you in every possible way.

  14. Yednekachew Melesse says:

    Hello, I live in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa and I am a young business owner. I saw your advertisement on the internet and wanted to buy an item on your catalogue( Bandsaw Blade Butt Welder
    Machine Model – CSB5) so I wanted to know if there a way for me to do that. Thank you


    Kindly send us quotation for saw blade welding machine.

  16. Sir I’m from kashmir I need this machine
    What’s the cost of this machine

  17. Ram sanehi Gupta says:

    Mere Jo ye wali masheen chaiye apna mobile number send kardo my you tube or Dekha tha kitne ki h

  18. Raju lama says:

    Hello ham ye machine kharid na he but kyaese kharid gare bataye to aacha hoga

  19. Global Source says:

    Please Send quotation of above machine

  20. walter coroza says:

    how to order im from phillipines

  21. Hello sir.. do you have welding machine of bandsaw blade.. 1inch to 3inch??

  22. Shravan Kumar says:

    we are educational institute situated in Uttarakhand. for our carpentry unit we are using 2 inch(51 mm) wide band saw blade. please confirm the details of machine for Butt welding the balde.

  23. Lalrawngbawla Bawitlung says:

    can you tell me brief details about this machine I need to buy

  24. Lalrawngbawla Bawitlung says:

    can you tell me a brief description about this machine I need to buy

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