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Tips for welding safety

The welding safety tips are universal. The best welding safety habits are universally applicable and bad welding habits creeps in over the time. The welding safety tips are to be practiced religiously. The welding exposes everyone to similar hazards whether you are a small manufacturing workshop or multi-billion company. To improve the production, quality, output the welding safety tips are the essential habits. The following tips for improving safety and improves production as well.

1. Read the operating manual: The operating manual provided by the manufacturer with its safety information is must for the safety and to achieve the maximum potential of the machine. It is better to keep the soft copy of the operating manual at an approachable place.

2. Wear the proper gear:  The proper fitting shirt, neither too long nor too short is required. The gear should be flame resistant such as denim paint and shirt with a jacket. The glove should be properly fitted with flame-resistant stuff is the need even if it is a small welding procedure.

3. Button up: You button your shirt collars, cuff, and front pockets to prevent from catching sparks and to cover the exposed skin from effects of Ultraviolet and infrared lights. Avoid wearing cuffed pants and shirts to avoid catching fire.

4. The Right Shoes: The high top leather shoes or boots are the best protection for the welder. No to tennis or cloth shoes.

5. Don’t See the light: Only a moment of exposure to a welding arc for the unprotected eyes to arc flash may lead on to painful condition. Wear proper helmets with a proper filter shade to protect the eye and face of the welder.

6. Breath Freely: Ensure the clean breathing air availability before the start of welding, a continuous fresh air availability during the process of welding after consultation with manufacturers of electrode and safety engineer.

7. Auto Darkening Helmets: The sensor available on auto darkening helmet darken the lens in a fraction of the second. They should react at speed of 1/10,000to 1/20,000 of a second and have adjustable shades of #9to#13 for welding.

8. Lose the clutter: We should mark the place for each piece of equipment. Everything should be in its own place except the welding and to be welded articles.

9. Ergonomics to avoid Repetitive stress injuries: The auto darkening helmet reduces neck fatigue as compared to traditionally fixed shade helmet and saves enough time to improve the productivity. The ergonomics to be used while placing the equipment at some proper height and distance to avoid injuries.

10. Boom Mounted wire feeder use: It adds on to efficiency, flexibility, high production, and operator comfort.

11. Stick and carrot approach: Welding safety as a programme may not be accepted but make it an award-winning exercise until it becomes a culture and habit.

12. Use Fixturing whenever possible: The simple gearbox for rotation instead of the chain and hoist to eliminate the source of potential hazard.

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